venting for jewelry and metals workshop


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Cool venting for jewelry and metals workshop

I am creating a studio in my garage or basement to work on jewelry and metals. I know venting the noxious fumes is important but as of right now I am a student without very little income. Was looking for some good cheap suggestions as to what kind of safe ventilation system I could get away with. I primarily just need to vent from a buffing station and will probably be melting down mostly silver and brass alloy but will eventually need to vent a kiln as well but that's in the future. any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
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Make friends with heating & A/C contractors in your area. They often have ducting, fans & blowers lying around on a scrap pile that you could have for free.

If you want to move a LOT of air you could use the big circulate blower from a furnace or air conditioner. If you want to move a smaller amount of air a induced draft fan/blower would work.

The indueced draft fan is what is used on many furnaces & gas pack heating units. Since modern furnaces are so efficient there is not enough heat in the exhaust to carry the fumes up a traditional chimney so a fan is used to blow the fumes out.
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You will need a hood or booth of some kind to trap the fumes and dust to minimize the amount of air you have to move.
You will also have to somehow allow for an air supply to replace the air that you exhaust and don't forget how chilly Minnesota air is in January! You might need a heater to heat the air that comes in.
Whatever you make up needs to be safe, both electrically and fire hazard wise.

It would be simpler, safer and easier to do this in the garage instead of the house.

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