Coin collecting: The slanted D-enver mint 1975 penny


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Coin collecting: The slanted D-enver mint 1975 penny

I was getting ready to put my pennies in a margarine dish, when suddenly something odd caught my eye. The D under 1975 was badly slanted. What in the!.....

So that got me checking a pile of pennies I have. What a fascinating way to kill some time! Seriously. You would not believe what the mints have done with their numbers and letters over the years.

For example, some have bigger 8's at times, then went to a small 8. Some had the D about between the 2nd and 3rd number of the date, where other years had it shifted either closer to the 2nd letter, with another year shifted toward the 3rd letter. Some years D was bigger while other years were smaller. Some years had the D lower than other years.

And then 1975 and 1976 had the D slanted forward. But, I think I found one where the D is straight. If this is the case (I'll have to check later), then maybe I'm on my way to riches.

(I keep hoping to find the 1955 double die penny or the 1960 small date penny.)

Any coin collectors out there among us? Any good stories or bragging rights about your collection?
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I used to have the blue coin holders and like all paper boys sorted through everything I could find, but never really found anything unusual. However, I have missed two opportunities to purchase from relatives some really good collections. My grandmothers was mostly silver dollars and gold coins so was way beyond what I could afford at the time. But a shirt-tailed uncle on my wife's side was visiting and somehow the topic of coin collections came up. He said he was looking for someone to take his collection and would sell it for face value to the right person. So being a novice I asked what he had. He took out a small piece of paper with fine print on it and said, these are the only coins he was missing from complete collections from over 60 countries. He had been a merchant marine and an avid coin collector all of his life. Face value was about 5,000 not counting all of the extras he would throw in. All US coins, I don't know if that is possible, and all of those countries. Back in the 70's that was a lot of money, but can you imagine now.

It is surprising, but there are still coins out there to be found.

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Just a couple of ears ago, someone found a 1909 S VDB in good condition.

I found a 1931 S Lincoln about 30 to 40 years ago. - Still looking for a double die Lincoln.

Once we get smart enough to get rid of pennies, more people will be looking at them closer and finding all kinds of treasures.

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Interesting, guys.

I don't think I am going to cash in pennies anymore, in bulk quantity when I accumulate them in margarine tubs - just in case they get rid of them.

And I actually have been going over the coins as I have been going along, since coin collecting has been in my blood.

But never before have I noticed these slanted D's before. This morning, on the edge of my bed. and under a bright light desk light, I looked through many coins, with a magnifying glass(although you can tell with the naked eye also), and I found slanted D'd for 1975 (oddly only2 out of 5 were slanted!!!) and 1976, 77 and 79(some slanted some not!!!)...and even a 1987 with a crisp D very radically slanted!

What is so odd is that all of them, of the same mint and year did not have that slant. How can that possibly be?????

And even taken into account say a wear pattern on the D, I have no explanation that even if some of the straight left side of the D were worn(say more of the top left was worn), how that could cause that radical of a slant. I don't think that is possible.

You guys look at your pennies now and see if you find these - and also find them of the same year without a slant.
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Well....I'm not getting rich. Just called 2 coin shops and was told that no penny minted from 1965 to now has any minting flaw to cause coin to be worth more than face value. And was also told different dies were used at same mint and the engraving was at discretion of engraver and sometimes something a little different was done to thwart counterfeiters. No redeeming value to the variance from slanted vs. straight mint stamp mark.

The one coin shop guy said he is the oldest around in a big area and he specializes in mint flaws and can show me all kinds of stuff if I visit his shop. But I do not have the time right now for any presentations like this. Lucky I can post on this board(which actually, I should be out working!), let alone anything else.
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I couldn't sleep too well last night because I dozed off between about 11 and 1. So at about 3:30 AM, there I am on the edge of my bed, looking at more of my pennies again, and I find some radically wedge shape cut pennies. I mean we are talking severly wedge shaped. So, between wedge cut pennies (yes, cut that way since the detail on the thin part is in "fine" condition), and crooked D mint pennies, we are to trust the gov't with health care?

Have you noticed the teeny VDB at the bottom of the shoulder?, and also the small FG stamp to the right of the Lincoln Memorial?

If you are amazed by all this, try this: My neighbor calls me today (the one I helped him redo his brakes last weekend), to tell me that the moon is the coldest place in the solar system! Huh. Seriously. He read it in some magazine. It is about 375 F below 0, at the south pole of the moon, in some shadowed area. Only 65 degrees warmer than absolute 0 of the universe! If a person in a space suit was there, and the suit failed, his body would instantly crumble to powder. This is worse than liquid nitrogen.
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Selling pennies based on copper prices

I did a little quick research and found that currently real copper pennies (1982 and earlier, vz. zinc pennies 1983 and newer)are actually worth about double face value based on current copper value. (approx. 150 pennies in a pound, and about $3 a pound right now)

But least I think obviously.... you just can't gather up pennies and take them to your metal recycler for cash.

But how could there be any law against simply offering your real copper pennies for sale, to the highest offer?

Also, you would think the gov't would go thru all the pennies and melt down the real copper ones and sell for current prices. Or, to save money, you'd think the gov't would have a program that would say split the money with people who went to a bank, bought rolls of pennies, sorted out the copper ones and sold these to the gov't.

This morning, while listening to my Saturday morning radio shows (so I could hear this weeks puzzler, and the answer to last weeks ), I started sorting pennies from a margarine dish. I came up with 122 copper ones (1982 and earlier) out of 387 (so far...I have lots more to go thru.). That is actually a fairly high percentage.

Is the time worth it? No. Not if you look at it comparing that time to what you earn working. But if you have free time on your hands.......But it could be, to a family who has no income, and is sharing rent with parents(a new thread I started in rental forum) and have nothing to do. They could buy rolls upon rolls from the bank, and put the entire family to work sorting pennies. Sort of like how people go out and collect beer/pop cans for aluminum scrap. Except here they could just do it all inside, in the comfort of their home/rental, (rain-shine-snow-below 0).


Regarding the original thread discussion: I also came across 1987 D pennies where one had the D straight and way down below the date, and others(1987 also) that had the D mark at a slight slant closer towards the date. I still that is odd. You'd think there would be some sort of worth to either one kind or the other. What professional would have layed out a letter, for a production run, so it was crooked, is beyond me.

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