Crazy Hobby Plane


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Crazy Hobby Plane

I have a Horizon Super Cub hobby plane. The craziest thing is that the engine works indoors just fine. I walk thru to outside and it immediately stops and goes off. What could this be?
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Not familiar with it, but the most obvious choices would have to do with either air temperature - colder air maybe causing some kind of icing condition in the fuel/induction system - or density - the colder outside air is heavier than the warmer inside air. That's about as far as my thoughts go.
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The ones I found are electric. I'm betting this is one where when it loses the signal from the controller it cuts the engine? So either something is cutting off the signal...or you are getting interference. I'd bet on the second.
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Are these the hobby planes that are made from balsa wood?
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This model is foam (Balsa is not used as much in models anymore. The idea of building your plane at home out of balsa has almost been killed by inexpensive almost ready to fly models from Asia.)

That model has anti-crash sensors that can sometimes be a pain in the rear. There is a photo sensor on top and bottom of the fuselage. The top one wants to see light and the bottom one dark. Indoors with an overhead light and unlit floor it probably works. If you carry it outside and happen to have your hand over the top sensor it now sees the bottom is lighter than the top so the plane thinks it's upside down and tries to save itself from a novice pilot. The controller turns off the motor to help slow the plane and prevent a crash. Try taking the plane outside and set it on dark pavement where the top sensor can see clear sky above to insure that the top one sees more light and see if the motor works. Play around with that theory and let us know what you find out.

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