What type of glue to use


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What type of glue to use

I need to glue a plastic battery holder to a glass block. I have been using hot glue, but this does not always hold. What is the best kind of glue to use for this application? It needs to be a permanent hold.

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I would try a two part epoxy (available at most home supply stores or WallyWorld). The slower 30 minute type should be stronger than the faster 5 minute. I would also consider the adhesive used to mount rear view mirrors to the windscreen of cars (available at auto parts stores), but I would check first to make sure it can bond to plastic.
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Maybe not glue at all? The thin 3M trim tape from an auto parts store will pretty much stick to anything.

If it needs to be clear..thats another story...
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Try contact cement if parts not subject to significant stess.

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