joining two pieces of wood together temporarily


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joining two pieces of wood together temporarily

I am looking for a way to be able to connect two pieces of wood together in such a way that I can join and unjoin them frequently.

I am building a simple frame that needs to be light and easy to put together and take apart. It will be used as part of a puppet show. It will basically be a small "house frame" with a minimal back wall, with cloth on it to hide certain sections. BUt it needs to travel and store easily, hence the need to be easy to assemble and take apart.

A further complication is I don't have a drill, and only a hand saw, nails, and standard hardware. (I live on a desert Island called japan...) nor do I want to use them. Basically I want something I can make with low tech. (so humor me if you can...)

The pieces need to join at right angles, at about the half way point of one of them joining to the edge of the other, like a T or + , and the two end points joining at the top and bottom.

I thought about using velcro? or straps holding it in an x, or building a little berth/slot for the wood out of small pieces that are nailed together...each of these would work to some extent, but I have no experience with these and wonder if anyone has any ideas or knowledge or suggestions about which is best...strongest, most durable.

thanks in advance...
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Welcome to our forums!

I guess no one has responded because you have asked for something that is not possible.
You wanted to diy but you are not prepared to use the tools that it would take to construct something.

What would make sense are sockets that the wood would slip into but building these would be an advanced project.
The simplest way but would require the use of a drill is to make a stick frame and drill holes n opposing pieces to be held together with small machine screws and nits.

Sorry we can't be of more help.
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Exclamation joining wood

the easiest & strongest way to temp. join wood parts is to use preasure sensitive double sided tape. It is sometimes called carpet tape. But don't get the foam kind it is messy to remove. The more preasure you use to put the pieces together the stronger the hold & of course the harder they will be to pull apart. I use it all the time to reuse paterns of curves when making multible copies. Once you have repeated the process on the same pieces such as your application you will have to remove residue left from removing the tape but nail polish remover will wipe it off.

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