Map gas????


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Question Map gas????

Hello, could I Puddle some brass welding rod onto some horse shoe nails as part of an art project using a MAP GAS cylinder? In other words, coat the sides of the nails with a coating of hot brass from a brass welding rod.

Thank You,

Dale in Indy
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MAP gas is about 2900 degrees C. Brass melts at about 900 degrees C. So you should be able to melt the brass. However getting it to stick to the steel nails might be a bit tricky.
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Mapp gas would do it as said but you have to use a torch that was designed for that gas.
Torch tips for Mapp have swirl combustion that allows for the extra air that Mapp gas needs.

Nails may not work too well if they are coated in any way.
Should be plain steel and well cleaned and polished for anything to stick.

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