Attempting to Make a Roofing Slate Coffee Table


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Smile Attempting to Make a Roofing Slate Coffee Table

Hello. This is my first time writing in a forum, so I apologize in advance if I haven't addressed my need for advice correctly! I have a very stable wood coffee table that I would like to cover with used roofing slate. I have many pieces of 10"x12" and 12"x18". (I read that the smaller the pieces the more modern it will look, but it didn't say what their version of small is. I guess I can compare after I lay it out). I did a little research, and found that I should use a non- sanded grout for in between the pieces and to top with a grout sealer or grout colorant. I am wondering what to use to adhere the slate pieces to the wood top, and what to do about the edges. I don't know whether to over-lap the edge of the table a little, or to line the slate up as closely as possible to the edge. Either way, will it look weird because the slate doesn't have smooth, even edges? And how far to the edge of the slate should I grout to? I was thinking that if I put the slate pieces over the edge of the table by a half of an inch or so, then I could grout to just the end of the wood, and have a "natural" type looking edge. Do I need to prep the table top before applying an adhesive? The table is stained and has some worn off areas of urethane. The look I am trying to achieve is a cool looking, different coffee table. I don't want a country look. I was thinking of painting the rest of the table/legs with an acrylic paint. The room is already a heavy room; it is extremely small and the furniture is completely wrong for the room. (To give you an idea, there isn't a lot of wall space, one is the entrance to the house, a door to a bedroom, entry-way to the kitchen and large opening to where a small additional room was added. I am planning on painting the white walls and removing or replacing the rug. The furniture is heavy and unattractive. There is only so much space and unfortunately I have a like-new large leather couch in a dark pine green color, a small dark blue/tiny flowered fabric recliner chair, a very small accent table with a lamp and the tv on the end table.) I should have saved that section for a different forum, but was trying to give a visual. Any answers to my questions, comments either positive or negative, and advice is welcomed! Thank you!
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To help minimize the weight I would glue the slate to the table with construction adhesive. Then, if the slate is porous I would seal the tiles to prevent the grout from staining the slate. Then grout, probably with a sanded grout since I imagine you will have at least some space between the pieces. Than after everything has cured apply a sealer to the whole top.
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Definitely lay the tiles out dry first to make sure you like the look and the layout before you start adhering them.
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Welcome to the forums. Please use paragraphs to separate your thoughts and make your post more easily read. Some will skip your post because it is too hard to read.
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I just read until I got tired. About half way.

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