how to create folded clipboard


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how to create folded clipboard

Hey guys

I tried to look it up, but I couldn't, so I hoped that you will be able to help me

I'm looking to make a refular clipboard (for A4 pages) that will be able to fold to half
something like this: WhiteCoat Clipboard: Health & Personal Care

There is one important point to keep in mind- when the board is open, it need to have a locking mechanism so writing in it will be comfort, and of course that the locking mechanism should be easily to unlock so it will fold to half when needed

anyone can help?

Thank you all guys
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Welcome to the forums! Wifey has been a cardiac nurse for 42 years and she says the more weight in your scrubs, the worse it gets when you are trying to move fast. If you could build this, how will the paper fold in half? Or is A4 smaller paper (OK, I'm not the brightest bulb in the bunch). You may find similar hinges at a site such as Rocklers. The boards themselves, as you state can be of HDF like regular clip boards. Riveting the hinges on would be best and less "snagging".
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thank you for your answer chandler!
first of all, I thought that no one will answer, so really thanks
I do not plan to be a surgeon, so I won't wear scrubs. moreover- I tend to use this clipboard only as a student, when Ill be a doctor I wont need it.
your question about what about the paper is justified, I didn't mentioned it- the paper folds up with the clipboard. In case that you don't hold many papers in it, the clipboard should handle it fine and not even wrinkle the papers.
You gave me a very practical answer, but I didn't understand what it means "Riveting the hinges on"?

thank you
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Instead of using nuts and bolts which leave large protrusions you can use pop rivets instead.

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You could use a nice countersunk type. They come in many styles as you can see and many different lengths.
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If you are using 3/4" dimension lumber for your clipboard (heavy and unwieldy), you could use something like this so it would allow for a 300 degree flop over.
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hey guys
you'r tips really helped me! first of all- you will probably be glad to hear that I succeed. I did it with double hinge instead of one- one hing cause the clipboard to close in V shape- which doesn't allow it to contain more the 3-4 pages (or else they just wont let it fold). I combined them using poxic glue (poxipol). In order to connect the hinges to the 2 clipboard pieces I used nuts and bolts.

It came out really really good, but- I decided to drop the nuts and bolts and use glue instead- much more elegant solution. It was before I saw your comments- pop riverts seems to be a far better way so Ill use them

I'll fix everything tomorrow and shoot some pictures to show you.

thank you all guys, you really helped me
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I would have gone the rivet route with a plastic hinge. For the writing surface, carbon fiber and/or carbon/kevlar hybrid.

Was playing with the stuff this weekend making some sheet parts. really really light, but strong stuff. 4 layers (3 fine and one course) and it was less then 2mm thick.
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Hey guys
I'm sorry for not writing in here for a long time
Anyway, today I finally got the chance to finish it. i used a regular clipboard (because it has a built in clips for the pages) and cut it so it'll come out at a size that will fit my pocket (I measured the length of the pocket, and decreased 2.5 cm).
then I made the hinge part, and connected it all the pictures speaks for themselves, so just watch them. If you have any questions, I would love to help
In order to connect the hinge I drilled the holes and then used riverts/
I added pictures with A4 pages, so you'll see that it really can old and keep the pages

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Not bad. One of your first requirements was to lock open. I assume that requirement was dropped?
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No, I meant that it'll be stable in opening position so it will be comfortable to write on it, which it is.
do you have any suggestions?

and thanks :-)
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Hey guys
Do you have any ideas how to improve the foldable clipboard? I wish to focus mainly on the rectangular part on the hinges that enable the clipboard to stretch no more then 180 degrees. Do you have a more elegant way?

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