Doll house


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Doll house

I'm working on a doll house for my granddaughter that will have a mansard roof to look like hers.
The slope needs to be 45 to accept dormers and the top will be flat.
What I need help with is the compund cuts at the corners.
I tried a 45-45 but the corner was closer to 60 degrees than 90 and the slope was about 50.
Can someone give me the "secret numbers"?
I know I'm not the 1st to do this.
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I found this site that might help.
Sloped Ridge Dormer: Example Calculations

And this.
Roof Framing Calculators - Hip + Gable Roof Framing - Online

Afraid I haven't had to do those types of calculations in a very long time, so I do not know if those are helpful.
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If you can't get it figured out any other way - keeping working with scrap pieces until you get the angles right.
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Thanks, guys.
I took a look at the sites Michael suggested, but couldn't relate those views to what I'm doing. Guess my eyes are too old.
My next thought was to do the scrap process that markr suggested. If I know what's wrong with my 45-45 version, I should be able to adjust.
I also think I'll make the cuts at the hips flat instead of compound. After all, they're going to be covered with something and no one will ever see 'em.
I can't think of any reason to make this more complicated than it needs to be.
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Got to playing in the shop. I came up with the attached mock up of a 4 sided pyramid with each side sloped at 45 degrees.

The settings I ended up with were:

Saw angle set at 38 degrees

Saw Bevel set at 28 degrees

This is with the stock sitting flat side against the fence (not the edge side). In other words the stock I had was standing up against the fence with those angles.
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