Modify plastic puck with dremel type tool?


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Modify plastic puck with dremel type tool?

I have these hockey pucks that came with my bubble hockey table that are way oversized. They're almost like a ball instead of a puck. I'd like to grind/polish them down so they look more like a puck, but since I typically only work with wood and steel, not sure the best way to do it. I've already searched for similar diameter pucks and I am coming up empty handed. So the only way I can get what I'm looking for is to make it myself. Attached are pictures. There' s a fat puck, that's what came with my table. I want to grind/polish it down to look like the second picture. It needs to have a smooth surface and no sharp edges so that it still floats smoothly across my tables surface. The puck doesn't even need to have a crater, it can be a smooth flat surface, but again, I would prefer a small crater as that helps it simulate a floating experience on the fake ice. I have a few different dremels and tons of bits. If you can think of another way, please let me know. Thank you.

Fat Puck/ What I have:

What I want my puck to look like:
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I've never seen "fat" pucks like that before. If I had to cut them down I'd use my band saw to do it. Small dremel cutters will work but leave a lot to be sanded and polished.

Maybe use a hack saw to cut the bulk off and then use the dremel to cut the indentation in.
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How big are those? These look pretty similar:

Dome Hockey Puck - 7/16" Thick - Bubble Hockey Puck
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I can't think of a easy way that would not leave the flat faces looking fuzzy. I would hold it up to a belt sander and sand it down to what you want. Even with fine grit I don't think you'll get a smooth, factory looking face.

Do you know what material the puck is made of? It might be possible to carefully use a heat gun or torch to flame the cut down face and smooth it out.
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I can see it now..... fat flaming pucks

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