Adjustable desk


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Adjustable desk

Hey, so i got an idea for an adjustable desk, everything is setup i only have one issue. So i got the desk (piece of wood), and i am going to get 8 pipes (4 small and 4 a little bit bigger), the pipes will fit into each other. I will drill holes into the bigger pipes and then one hole at the bottom of the small pipes.

So I could just stick something into the holes, but that gets a bit repetitive, so i thought i could use a spring based system. I've seen them in like walking sticks, where you can adjust the height of the stick by pushing in a button and choosing which hole to put in. So that part i could probably do but at the end of the day i would be better off just sticking something into the holes.

I wanted to use a wire that would be connected to all 4 smaller poles and have it somehow pull the spring back (the wire would connect to say a small leaver or some sort of object that turns or moves). When i turned the object, all 4 springs would come back and i could move the table up and down with ease.

The spring would be in a spherical cylinder shape, with a spring inside, and it would come out of an exposed side of the cylinder, where it would push on the pipe. I'm not sure what that shape would be called or where i could get strong small springs (any suggestions). As for the wire, i would think that it would attach to the tip (inside) and go inside the spring and come out, but then i would need some sort of wheel or pulley since the wire would go into the cylinder perpendicularly and come out parallel (after the spring).

Any suggestions on if i should use this idea and if so any tips on what the cylinder thing would be called and where i could buy the things i listed. Thanks
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Welcome to the forums.

Let's start at the beginning: what is it you're actually trying to accomplish here?
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build an adjustable desk, something like this Most Popular Sit-stand Desks minus the electric part

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