What adhesive to bond acrylic to metal?


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What adhesive to bond acrylic to metal?

I'm looking to adhere thousands of small pieces of acrylic to sheet metal to make a mosaic. Being adhered to floppy sheet metal, I need the bond to be both strong and a bit flexible. The final mosaic will be hung vertically.

I was hoping there was a product out there that can be laid or spread down first so that I don't have to individually glue each piece (like 3M's VHB tape) , but I'll take what I can get.

Any ideas?
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I would use a contact cement as they hold well and are flexible when cured. You would use a brush to prebrush it on the metal. You will allow the cement to dry. Put a small bit on the acrylic, give it a minute to dry and place it on the metal. It will be permanently attached. Once the two touch they won't come back apart. The weldwood contact cement is available from the depot for about $11 a quart.

Pliobond, 1OZ PLIOBOND ADHESIVE - Wood Glues - Amazon.com

Dagorhir Gear -weldwood contact cement

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