DIY Pallet Project Resources


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DIY Pallet Project Resources

Hi folks

My wife and I were planning on making a day bed out of some pallets, and despite the wealth of examples out there, I thought it might be good to come here and start a resource page for tips, tricks, and examples of great pallet projects.

Some initial questions we have...

How hard is it to dismantle the pallets? What stores do you commonly source them from? As for the hanging support, do you think rope, chain or cable is best?
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I have had many people get pallets from my work for their projects. So far nobody has actually followed through and finished their grand projects. Most pallets are held together with several staples, spiral or glue coated nails at every joint making many extremely difficult to impossible to take apart without destroying the wood. Keep looking until you find a pallet that will work for your project as is and wont require disassembling normal 42" or 48" pallets.
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Thanks Pilot Dane, that was another concern, the actual dissemble process. They seem awfully hard to take apart, and I was wondering if it's even worth the time and effort, or whether it's best to just buy our own wood.
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I'd just buy wood - most of the time, in my experience, pallet wood is lower quality to begin with before you even think about taking the darn thing apart.

That said, you can make quite a bonfire from pallets....
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Years ago Norm (New Yankee Workshop) made a few projects from ordinary pallets and they can out very nice. Might find the episodes online or the library.
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So we rounded up a few from behind the local strip mall, and I decided to take a simple approach to start, just cutting them to size without prying apart too much. I have some ideas in mind, something a long the lines of the basic couches shown in this collection Ultimate Collection of DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas | Spark DIY - Inspiration for Every DIY Project

I'm going for a loveseat, so I'll try to post some pics as we progress through the build this weekend. If all else fails, we'll have a good bonfire.

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