How to connect pvc connectors and galvanized pipe question


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How to connect pvc connectors and galvanized pipe question

So I have seen lots of DIY tutorials on making garment racks from galvanized pipe. I wanted to make one for my daughters dress up clothes and in order to do so, I sketched out a design that would not only cost a lot if we were to buy pre cut and threaded lengths of pipe to use with the screw on connectors but also, would be difficult to assemble because of the different directions needed to screw things together at where the joints are. Anyway, I thought I could buy a couple much cheaper 10 ft lengths, cut it to my intended lengths and use pvc connectors as they just slip on. A friend of mine confirmed that schedule 40 pvc will fit schedule 40 galvanized pipe. Anyway, what he doesn't know and I can't seem to find is what the best way to bond the two materials together would be. We could theoretically, make the entire thing from pvc. But I like the galvanized pipe for aesthetic purposes as well as it is stronger and will hold up better to the weight of the clothing on it. Could I use pvc cement? A two part epoxy? Something else?

BTW, sorry if this is in the wrong location. Because of its odd nature, I really didn't know where to put it. Feel free to move it if needed.Name:  garment rack.jpg
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Welcome to the forums Candace!

If I understand correctly you'd get a PVC threaded fitting and screw it onto the galvanized pipe. It's done all the time with water pipe [1/2" & 3/4"] although I'm not sure what's available with larger PVC.
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You can use all PVC using PVC furniture fittings not plumbing fittings. Example: Furniture Pipe & Fittings Category | Plastic Furniture Pipe, Furniture Grade PVC Pipe and PVC Furniture. | U.S. Plastic Corp.

If you use plumbing fittings be sure to use pressure fittings not DVW fittings. Places like Bigbox in 1" and larger will have mostly DVW so you have to be careful. There just isn't much pipe in a a DVW fitting so pressure fittings which are deeper are better.

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