Material to fill the bottom of a coffee urn


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Material to fill the bottom of a coffee urn

I'll make this short and sweet

We are making a product that requires melting wax, then dispensing that wax into jars.

To be able to do large quantity batches, I purchased the urn below. Hamilton Beach 40515 42-Cup Coffee Urn, Silver: Kitchen & Dining

A test run proved successful except for one small problem. The spigot is a good 2 inches from the bottom of the urn, leaving quite a bit of product left that is simply too low to gather via the spigot.

I want to fill the bottom of the urn with something to bring the floor of the urn up to level with the spigot. One big consideration to keep in mind is that the heating element is at the bottom of the aluminum urn, so whatever filler we use has to conduct the heat. I'm ok with the idea that it will take a bit of time for the heat to transfer through a few inches of material, but the substance can't melt, and can't dissolve into the product.

My first thought was to melt down aluminum cans and pour 'em in, but I'm pretty sure that the molten metal will just melt the urn.

My second thought was bondo, but I'm worried that this won't conduct heat, and may dissolve over time and end up in the product.

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Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Round Disks

You need something like that.
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You could also just contact a metal fab place and have a thick disk water jetted to the right diameter. Pretty simple work.
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Lead melts at about 620 degrees F. No danger of the lead melting the aluminum.
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But if the hearing coils are in the bottom it might take a long time, if ever to heat the urn. why not have a metal shop install a new spigot lower if design permits.

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Great idea. I think this will do the trick. I'll just get a few discs...stack 'em as high as needed and call it good. Thanks man!
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Some wine makers will use marbles to keep a less than full carboy (5 gal wine making jug) filled to the top.

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