Galvanized Swingset Primer Question


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Galvanized Swingset Primer Question


I'm refurbishing an old swing set A frame. There is a top A-frame portion made from Galvanized Schedule 40 pipe that is in excellent shape (50 years old). No rust. I have sanded it down to almost bare metal. There is still a fare bit of patina and some paint here and there after stripping the old paint and sanding with 60 grit using a rectangle sander. (See attached picture).

I'm pairing the top A portion with new galvanized schedule 40 pipe (1 1/4").

I am planning to prime it with the following galvanized primer (2 coats)

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust 1-qt. Aluminum Flat Rust Preventive Primer-8781502 - The Home Depot

I plan to put 2 coats of white latex exterior flat paint on top.


Is the A-frame sufficiently clean that I can apply the above primer to both the top sanded frame and bottom new galvanized legs?

Do I have to get it to shiny bare metal with absolutely no patina or old paint? There isn't any obvious rust that I can tell, and I'd like to use one consistent primer so the color is consistent top to bottom.

Since the A-frame is 50 years old, what is your evaluation of the zinc (galvanized) coating remaining? Should I treat it like bare metal?

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Welcome to the forums!

While latex primer is ok for new galvanized metal it has no rust inhibitive qualities and shouldn't be used on the old steel. The old steel needs a solvent based primer.
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Thank you for the quick reply.

Could I use a primer like this one on both the galvanized and older steel?

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust 1-qt. Flat White Clean Metal Primer-7780502 - The Home Depot

Will I ultimately need to use two types of primer?

As far as top coat, I am worried that latex paint may start peeling.

Would an oil-based enamel paint be a better alternative such as:

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust 1-qt. Flat White Protective Enamel Paint-7790502 - The Home Depot
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Oil based paint dries to a harder film which means it's more likely to crack with expansion and contraction of the metal in temperature changes.

I'd go oil based primer with latex paint over it. Hang tight, though, to see whether Mark thinks your situation would be better for oil based paint (and go with what he says).
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Since it's thick pipe I wouldn't think expansion/contraction will be a big deal [unlike sheet metal] That primer would be fine for the old steel while the latex prime would do better on new galvanized BUT what we used to do years ago was wipe new galvanized down with vinegar and then coat it with an oil base primer.

I'd likely go with an oil base top coat mainly because it is more rust resistant and will take harder wear ..... but then I am an old school painter Latex would be ok over the oil primer as long as you have a good coat of oil primer covering the bare and/or rusted metal.

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