Kids playhouse and tent question


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Kids playhouse and tent question

I have a tent (Mambo Combo tent) and playhouse like the below picture for my kids with the following dimensions Ryan's Room Mambo Combo Play Tent and Tube Trio

One (1) Clubhouse Tent - 38"W x 28.5"D x 42.5"H
One (1) Dome Tent - 47"W x 47"D x 35"H

Unfortunately,few parts of(i.e. poles and connectors are missing which makes it unusable. The company no longer sells the replacement poles.

I did find other products which has replacement poles but of different dimensions . For example 58" x 48" x 58" High. Not sure if I can still buy this as replacement and if it still would work.

Replacement Poles for 58" x 48" x 58" High House Tent

if not any other suggestions are welcome.

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My guess is that you can cut the poles to fit. The question is are the replacement connectors safe?
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Many tent poles used in adult tents are fiberglass. When bent too far they break and can leave a jagged end and sometimes really sharp fiberglass fibers. Not good where kids may be rough housing or climbing. I would use pieces of PEX water piping for your poles. It is flexible and will bend without breaking. The plumbing dept of most home centers sell it in 5 or 10' long straight pieces. It's more expensive than bulk tubing in a coil but the straight pieces are... straight so you don't have to deal with the curve coming off a coil.

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