Converting non-turning wheels on a cart


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Converting non-turning wheels on a cart

OK I will try to explain this- I am building a cart- (needs to be on rolling caster wheels)- 4 of them is preferred- 4 that swivel.
I have 2 that swivel 360 and 2 that are straight- rather than buy 2 more swivels ones (its for a school so money is tight)- is there any way to make the straight wheels turn 360? like by using two pieces of wood rotating on a bolt? or is it not worth it........
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The converted wheels will probably jam. How big is the cart & how much weight does it have to hold?
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I think it would be more trouble than it's worth due to height issues and figuring out how to get the blocks of wood to spin freely, the blocks would need some type of bearings.

Personally I prefer 2 fixed wheels when moving a cart, it's easier to steer.
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I agree with Brian, 2 fixed and 2 swivel make the cart easier to maneuver.
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I agree with Brian, 2 fixed and 2 swivel make the cart easier to maneuver.
I totally DISagree. Two fixed wheels make the cart easier to STEER but definitely limits the maneuverability. With four swiveling casters you can push the cart parallel to a spot along the wall and then move it directly at right angles into the spot. You cannot do that with fixed wheels.
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I would consider an odd wheel arrangement. Instead of placing your casters in the corners of the cart you can place them in the middle of the straight sides. Put the two swiveling castors on opposite sides and put shims or spacers under them so they sit 1/4 to 1/2" further down than your non-swivel castors. So when you're going straight you just let the cart tip to put one of the straight wheels touch for stability. Then when you want to maneuver in a tight place tip the cart so only the swiveling casters are touching and it will spin 360.

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