tube for golf clubs in back of truck


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tube for golf clubs in back of truck


I have a golf club bag that's about 14" in diameter but will compress about another inch if needed. Today, it just rolls around in the back of my covered truck. The cover is starting to leak so I want to put the bag inside of a plastic tube or something to 1) keep them dry 2) keep them secure from rolling around. At first I was considering PVC but that's stupid expensive and getting a length of only ~50 inches is tough. Does anyone have any other ideas? I was thinking I'd cap the back end too to keep them from sliding through.

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I answered your duplicate, but it got kicked out, so here goes again. I've never seen 14"+ PVC tubing.....nor the other side of the moon for that matter For cost advantage, two 50 gallon drum liner bags, one up and one down, taped at the seam would keep them dry. You could strap them on one side using bungies and the hold down hooks in the bed.
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Corrugated plastic pipe maybe:

Corrugated Double wall (Smooth Interior) Pipe, Corrugated plastic pipe, HDPE black belled pipe

Possibly check with people who would use it and perhaps there would be a scarp piece since you are talking a very short piece.

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I hadn't thought of driveway pipe. Now all you have to do is find seal type caps to keep the water out.
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Why not a square tube? Easy to build and a simple top to make. Sure takes a bit more room but not that much.
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Im a golfer. Mount a golf cradle or two in the bed..

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