Making a porthole in PC case air tight.


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Question Making a porthole in PC case air tight.

Hi, I'm trying to make a custom PC case with a porthole in it,

Having trouble including an image so I made it an attatchment to the post

Right now I have the porthole drilled into the side, but I'd like to make it as close to air-tight as possible so I need something to fill in the crack where the porthole meets the side of the case.

You might be able to tell it looks like I tried something already, it was apoxy putty, but it didn't work out very well and I didn't like the way it looked.

Any ideas would be helpful
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Your pic did not come through. But did you try using silicon caulk?
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Nope, but that sounds like a good suggestion to look into! Thanks, I'll take any other too.
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You can make a gasket out of neoprene, fleece or some other thick, squishy type fabric material. You can use a paintable caulk. You can also use more bolts/screws to mount the porthole. It looks like you are using 5 or 6 mounting bolts and the rest are just dummies. If you cut off the dummies and make them real mounting bolts you can pull the sheet metal closer to the porthole, closing the gaps better.
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Don't forget. THe interior of a PC cabinet must be properly ventilated. The fan in the power supply counts as one of two required openings. There must be a second opening, preferably some distance from the fan.

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