Crazy GLUE advice or perhaps some better product?

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Crazy GLUE advice or perhaps some better product?

Been gluing odds and ends some plastics and some not. I just never seem to have any luck with plastics. I realize no one thing works for all but would surely like to know what brand or product you all use. I have good luck with 2 part epoxies and say ceramics, also familiar with jb weld and bondo, but would like to know is it because I buy the walmart crazy glue may be a weaker product is there better brands out there.
What relatively instant glue do you all use with any luck for smaller objects that need to get tacked together with out clamping?
any CV Glue or loctite glue? users?
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I've used one of these to repair eyeglass frames, and a bracket on a paper tray on a copy machine and it worked fine for me.
I liked the fact I could clean up the access glue that ozzed out before hitting it with the light without sticking my fingers together.
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My company used to deal with all sorts of office equipment which liked to use plastic everywhere. Unfortunately there are different plastics and what works for one may be ignored by another. On many IBM machines we used a solvent, very fast, and melted the surfaces that needed to be glued.
IPS Weld-on 4 for joining Acrylic. Once you find a solvent for the particular plastic you are repairing then you get a real bond.

Never had much luck with the Crazy Glue type products. I do use a few of the 2-part epoxy's and one was listed as "for plastics" and did reasonably well in a couple of repairs.

Good luck,
BTW, I watched a show where they used a 2-part epoxy to bond steel beams together so I suspect there is an epoxy or glue that will work with just about anything, just have to find it.

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Saying you want to tack together small things doesn't help. What's more important is what they are made of.

There are some videos on Youtube showing cyanoacrylate (super/crazy glue) strength comparisons. There are differences among brands but it's not as simple as saying this one is stronger answer. Some hold better under one kind of load but may be weaker under a different load. It really comes down to what you want to glue and the loads it will be under.

There are also different viscosities of cyanoacrylate glues and on some surfaces a thicker or thinner glue works better. In some cases a very porous surface wicks away a water thin cyano too quickly and a thicker version works better. Thinner glue requires that the parts fit very tightly together while a thicker version is able to bridge gaps and imperfections.

Also, on some surfaces cyanoacrylate will not harden. Just like how it doesn't harden inside the bottle or tube. It needs something to set it off. On surfaces that don't activate the curing process there are spray accelerators that you can spray on the glue joint and start the hardening process.
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I'm of no real help here, but I think Krazy Glue works better than Super Glue. Just my opinion.

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