3 Other Uses for Building Paper

Building paper is very thick and can stand up to extreme temperatures and water without damaging easily. The different uses can include weather proofing, vapor resisting and lining floors when you are building a house. You can be creative with building paper because it is fairly easy to install. It is one of the more simple methods of insulation. It is typically used in the beginning stages of building a house. Here are a few other uses for building paper.

1. Home Repairs

Building paper can be put on as roof sheathing. This will go under the shingles to add a layer of water resistant, heat trapping material. The paper is generally easy to use on the roof. Since it comes in rolls, it can be installed quickly. You want to have something to keep your roof from leaking. You can feel safer with the paper acting as a protective layer. If time passes and it needs maintenance, it is easier to replace then some other forms of sheathing.

Building paper can be used in the same aspect underneath exterior walls or vinyl siding. When you are in between the rough floor getting ready to lay down the finish, you can line the rough floor with building paper. When you are building a rock wall or adding rocks to an existing structure you can place the paper between the stucco and the rock. You can use it in crawl spaces. It will act as a vapor barrier, which you can then cover with insulation and keep your crawl space cozy.

2. Adding Warmth

You can use building paper to add some extra warmth to your storage building or the garage you spend a lot of time working in. You can use it to help winterize a home that is going to be empty. It is important to winterize a home that will not have the heat running because you will protect the pipes from bursting. Dogs that stay outside in the winter can benefit from the use of building paper on the inside of their houses. Since it traps heat it will help keep your pet warm. You can use it on the inside of the horse’s stables. Any farm animal can benefit from a warm place to sleep.

3. Insulation

Kids love to play in their tree houses, so insulate it with some building paper. You can extend the fun they are having when their tree house stays warm. Since it is very heavy and waterproof, building paper can be used for crafts that will spend a lot of time outdoors. Large banners or signs that might need to stay up for a while can be created with it. These are some of the least common uses for building paper, but they are still good ones!