Building a Portable Garden Arbor

What You'll Need
(3) 8-foot long, 1 1/4-inch diameter pieces of PVC pipe
(1) 10-foot long piece of PVC pipe
(8) 1 1/4-inch diameter 5-way PVC pipe connectors
(8) 1 1/4-inch diameter 45-degree PVC pipe joints
Measuring tape
PVC cement

Having a garden arbor can add a lot of class to your existing outdoor decor. The following will show you how to make your ownportable garden arbor out of inexpensive PVC pipe. If PVC is not your thing, then you can modify the plans to use branches or bamboo.

Step 1 - PVC Pipe Cutting

If you've opted for PVC then you need to cut it to the size you need. If you're not comfortable with power tools or manual saws have no fear because it's usually possible to have the plumbing center (where you purchased the pipe) cut it for you and at no additional cost.

Lay your 8-foot long PVC pipes on a flat surface. If you have a clamp available, then using them for this step may be invaluable. Use the measuring tape and on each piece of pipe measure 4 sections--each 2-feet long. Cut each section of pipe to make 12 pieces.

Put those sections off to the side and place the 10-foot long piece of pipe on your work surface. Use the measuring tape and measure out 10 sections on the pipe with each section being 1-foot long. Cut the pipe at each section.

Step 2 - Assembling the Arbor

To get a good idea of what you are working with, place all of the pipe and connectors in front of you.

Gather up 3 of the 2-foot long pieces of pipe, 2 of the 5-way connectors, and a 45-degree PVC elbow. Attach the 2-foot long pieces of PVC into the 5-way connectors and cement them together. Attach the 45-degree PVC joint to the top and twist it to face toward the inside of the arbor. This is going to be one of the supports for the arbor.

Repeat this 4 more times to have a total of 5 support structures.

Create the arbor arch by attaching a 1-foot long PVC pipe to 1 of the 45-degree PVC pipe elbow joints. Add 2 more 1-foot long pieces of PVC pipe to the other ends of the joints. Do this a second time in order to form a second arbor arch.

Connect each archway to 2 of the support structures you built earlier. Insert the ends of the arch into the 45-degree PVC pipe elbow at the top of the supports.

When you are finished with this step, you will have 2 halves of the arbor. Attach the 4 1-foot long PVC pipes that remain into the 4 5-way PVC connectors in 1 of the arbor halves. Insert the empty ends of the PVC pipe you just installed into the 5-way connectors on the second half of the arbor.