Create a Wine Barrel Coffee Table

What You'll Need
Old wine barrel
Glass top

Making furniture from a former wine barrel has become a popular hobby, and with good reason. The finished items are usually interesting and unusual, and they use recycled wood items. Wine barrel coffee tables and stools work well with a rustic style. If you wish to build your own wine barrel coffee table, follow these steps.

Step 1 - Cut Up the Old Wine Barrel

You will first have to ensure that the old barrel is clean of wine residue and other imperfections by filling the barrel with water and leaving it to stand for a week or so. Once the water is tipped away and the barrel dry, you can begin cutting. Saw your wine barrel in half vertically, so that you cut right through from the top panel to the bottom. Take the half without the distilling tap and lay this so that it resembles the shape of a boat. Keep the other half, as you will need the wood.

Step 2 - Make the Legs

You will now need to fashion some legs. Take the discarded part of the barrel and remove the two ends, which should leave you holding two half-moon shapes. Cut these into four, so you have a series of pie-portion shapes. Place the table part of the barrel faceup and slide the legs in so that the barrel doesn't rock from side to side. Use brackets to secure these legs to the barrel. You can then shape the legs as you wish.

Step 3 - Make the Top

You should now have a table resembling a boat with legs at each corner. Take three lengths of wood from your discarded pile. Nail two strips lengthwise down the table and then cut the other portion so it can fill in the horizontal widths of the table. Use two brackets to support the horizontal side and four brackets on the lengths. Before proceeding, make sure that these supports can take the weight of your glass.

Place the glass, which should have previously been cut to fit the barrel, into the hole. Rest it upon the supports you have just put in place. Use three more pieces of the old wine barrel to cover the edge of the glass (two for the lengths and half of the piece for each horizontal side). Nail these into place.

Step 4 - Add Finishing Touches

To add an interesting finish to your table, you can use large bolts (available from craft shops) to nail in the top supporters around your glass. You can also varnish the wood in a variety of colors.