How to Waterproof a Canvas Gazebo Cover

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  • 5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30
What You'll Need
Rust inhibitor
Paint primer
Power washer or a jet water spray gun
Cleaning solution
Silicon spray

A canvas gazebo is the center of attraction of every yard that has one. Since the canvas is constantly subject to all weather conditions throughout the year, it becomes a magnet for mold, dust, and all sort of dirt. To enable you to preserve the gazebo to its original state, you need to keep it clean and protected, particularly against water. A thorough check annually will save your investment.

Step 1 - Choose the Perfect Day

Select a warm day. This will enable you to clean the canvas and weatherproof it concurrently. In addition, you will preclude mildew from attacking the canvas.

Step 2 - Unhook the Canvas

With the aid of a ladder, unhook all clips and fixtures that hold the canvas in position. Set the canvas aside.

Step 3 - Sand and Applying Primer

Check the frame. If it is constructed of metal, sand it down slightly and apply a rust inhibitor, for total protection.

Then again, if the frame is constructed of wood, sand down lightly and apply two or three coats of paint. Bear in mind that this is not a job you do every week, so take the trouble to make a job well done whilst you are at it.

Step 4 - Wash the Canvas

Position the canvas on the ground, and spray water liberally with a spray gun or a power washer, to remove all sludge and dirt. With the aid of a broom, brush the canvas, applying a cleaning solution all the time. Once clean, scrub off any excess water and do the same on the reverse side of the canvas.

Step 5 - Dry the Canvas

Remember that this chore is being executed on a warm day. Leave the canvas to dry completely on both sides. Once you are certain that the canvas has dried out, turn it on the opposite side and leave it to dry again. This should take approximately an hour on each side.

Step 6 - Apply the Silicon Spray

When the canvas is fully dry on both sides, make certain that no dust is in the vicinity. Grab the silicon spray or waterproof spray (available from your hardware store), and initiating from the center, commence spraying. Remember to exercise caution by putting on a protective mouth mask, and by not permitting any children in your vicinity.

Continue spraying until you reach the end of the canvas. Once done, flip the canvas on the reverse side and re-spray, as done on the face of the canvas. If it is a fine day, you should apply two coats within one day. Allow it to dry overnight.

Step 7 - Reposition the Canvas

The following day, ask for assistance to help you out in repositioning the canvas onto the frame. This should not consume more than an hour.

Once you're done, bring out a long drink or a cool can of beer, and relish under the shade of the gazebo. Obviously, do not forget to invite your assistant.