Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Asters

If you are considering growing asters, keep in mind that they are most successful when grown from seeds. Keep in mind the following tips to ensure your seeds develop into beautiful flowers.


Make sure you use fresh seeds. Older seeds might not give you the desired results, or worse, they may not germinate at all. Always keep your seeds in a damp environment when you start the germination process. You can do this by spacing the seeds between layers of paper towels in a shallow dish. If the seeds dry out during this process, the germination will stop and the seeds will be wasted. The germination process takes about 10 days.

Seed Planting

Once the seeds have germinated, you can now plant them in fresh planting soil. Place them about three inches apart and in a shallow depth. Make sure the soil bed has good drainage. Gravel under the soil base and sand mixed into the soil will help the drainage. If the seedlings are left in badly drained soil, fungus can grow and will destroy the roots before they have fully developed.

Once the seedlings develop a few leaves, they are ready to be moved to the garden or a planter. These seedlings need a space of about twelve inches in separation to prevent the roots from strangling the neighboring plant.