Patios and Walkways: 2 Quick Tips for Dealing with Drainage

One thing that both patios and walkways require is good drainage. Poor drainage can lead to subsidence and cracking of pavement or concrete. Rainwater can also damage patios and walkways through erosion, so draining off water is vital. In order to get proper drainage into your patios and walkways, you have to plan it from the outset.

Draining to the Side

Placing your drains on the side is probably the best solution to drainage for patios and walkways. This will allow you to angle your designs so that the water runs off into a side outlet, rather like the side of a roof, and the drain then serves as a gutter to channel water away from the patio. Putting drains into the side also means that you don't have to disrupt the layout of your patio by adding a drain.

Draining in the Middle

This is another way of draining patios and walkways, although it is less popular. This involves a light dip in the patio towards the center, so water can run off into a central drain. You could cover this drain with patio furniture, although it will have to be maintained regularly.