Trench Drain Systems

A trench drain is a drain that is built into the floor. It is used to empty and clear the surface water or the contaminants coming from utility pipes. They are also used in the case of chemical spills. They can be made of concrete and may use polymer or metal based liners.

Based on the functionality that trench drains offer, they can be classified as a foul water system or surface water drainage system. Foul water system material consists of the water that flows out of the car washing areas, washing machine room, bathrooms, as well as kitchens. Surface water drainage system takes into account water that flows from sewers or watercourse. The foul water system in a house needs to be kept separate from the surface drainage.

Whenever you go in for a new trench drainage system, make sure to consult your local regulations regarding plumbing and drainage. Some departments would require you to submit a plan regarding the work that you intend to carry out.

While installing a trench drain, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do not have a very long time-gap between digging the trench and laying the pipes.
  • Ensure that the drainage system is in place and that it is working properly.
  • The trench should be supported by material at its sides so that it does not collapse.
  • Protect the pipes by laying a thin film of concrete over them.
  • There should be no debris, dirt and grime at the base of the trench.