10 Advantages of Using a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a disk-shaped, small but powerful automatic vacuum cleaner fitted with sensors. It can be programmed to vacuum clean your floors and rugs when you are busy doing something else. Robotic vacuum cleaners are available with many different capabilities and prices can vary between $150 to over $1000. These machines are great for people who are short of time. Some of the main advantages of using a robotic vacuum cleaner are detailed below.

1 – Saves Time

In today’s world, time is money. Most families consist of young children and working parents. In such a scenario, cleaning becomes a time-consuming and exhausting task, especially in larger homes. A robotic vacuum cleaner does all the work by itself and requires no supervision. By investing in one of these machines, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.

2 – Ideal for People with Mobility Issues

People with disabilities or mobility issues can look at robotic vacuum cleaners as an alternative to expensive housekeeping services. The machine can be set to clean as often as required, while requiring minimal maintenance.

3 – Advanced Features

Higher end models of robotic vacuum cleaners allow you to achieve a better clean. Some features include large dust bags that will last for multiple cleaning sessions, advanced sensors that can detect changes in surface and the ability to transition between bare floor and carpets.

4 – Detects Changes Between Surfaces

A robotic vacuum cleaner can detect changes in the surface underneath and adjust its settings accordingly. It can also detect walls and stairs and will automatically turn around when it comes across one.

5 – Includes Options for Automatic Recharging

Once the robotic vacuum cleaner completes it task, it will go back to its docking station. If it is running low on battery, it can automatically recharge itself as well.

6 – Virtual Walls Enable You to Set Boundaries

You can set virtual walls for the robotic vacuum cleaner. A virtual wall acts as a boundary that the machine will not cross. It is ideal to prevent the machine from going across doorways and openings.

7 – Detects Amount of Dirt in Different Spots

Many robotic vacuum cleaners have advanced sensors that can detect the amount of cleaning required at different spots. The machine will linger on and repeatedly clean a surface till it is clean.

8 – You Can Clean Your Home when Your Are Away

When you are working or are outside the house, you can put the robotic vacuum cleaner to work as well. Just keep the floor clear of obtrusive items and ensure that drapes are away from the floor.

9 – Minimal Maintenance

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a hardy machine that will last for years if treated properly. Keep sharp or damaging particles out of its way, replace the dust bag as needed and clean the filter and brushes as required. No other maintenance is required.

10 – Able to Go Under Furniture and Around Corners

The small, disk shape of the robotic vacuum cleaner gives it great maneuverability and flexibility. It can reach all the corners and undersides of furniture that a normal vacuum cleaner cannot reach.