10 Chop Saw Safety Tips

A chop saw can be as dangerous to use as any other saw. This type of saw might be a miter saw used for wood or an abrasive saw designed to cut metal or other hard materials. Both are a type of power saws that are built to deal with heavy duty cutting. As with any power tool or sharp tools, you will need to follow safety precautions to protect yourself when you use it. So here is a list of basic tips to follow for prevention of any damage or harming yourself.

Tip 1: Turn Off and Unplug When Not in Use

Always turn off anything electrical for when it is not in use. This prevents fire risk and from animals or little kids getting hurt in the long run. This is a very important step and can save lives if followed.

Tip 2: Check Cords

Always check cords before using the saw for any signs of being frayed or otherwise worn looking. It should also be intact and connected to the saw. If not, you should replace the cord as soon as possible to prevent any fires. If you have children around, make sure to keep the saw away from them, so that they do not pull or bite on the cord.

Tip 3: Wear Protection

This step should automatically be the first thought in your mind, but always wear protection when working with a chop saw or any saw. They can produce flying debris, which can be dangerous if someone is not protected. Gloves, long sleeved shirts and face shields are three items that should be always used. If you are dealing with wood, you may want to use a breathing mask so that you do not inhale any dust.

Tip 4: Watch the Saw & Your Hands

Always keep an eye on your hands and the saw, when it is in use. If not, you can get severely hurt and even death. So always, keep an eye out at all cost to prevent injuries from happening.

Tip 5: Check Saw Blade

A bad saw blade can cause damage and frustration, so checking it every so often is more than just a good safety precaution. Check to see if it is dull, chipped, cracked and rusted. If so, you will may need to change the blade.

Tip 6: Avoid Water

Keep your chop saw away from water at all times, whether in use or turned off. Wetness can cause a short or electrocution. Only use electric tools in a dry spot, and store in a dry spot.

Tip 7: Hold Item in Place

Using clamps or your hand to prevent slipping out of place.

Tip 8: Keep Table Clean

Always clear off table before using the saw and after. This will prevent the saw from falling off and hurting people or doing damage.

Tip 9: Light

Make sure that you will have enough light to see as you work. Dim lighting could be dangerous to your hands and feet. If your workspace does not have windows or ample room lighting, consider adding a spotlight to your table.

Tip 10: Storage

Always keep your chop saw in safe location so kids or pets can not access it. Ensure that it is secure so that it can not fall down and hurt someone.