10 Different Engraved Wooden Signs 10 Different Engraved Wooden Signs

Making your own engraved wooden sign is a fun project for people who enjoy working with wood. There are various types of wood signs, each has a different style and function. There are many different types of wooden signs, you are sure to find one, if not more, ideas that you will love.

  1. Family Name: Engrave your family’s last name into a wood sign. This is a nice display for your lawn, or the front of your home or cottage. It adds a welcoming touch for visitors and shows pride in your family and dwelling.
  2. Room Name: A room that states its name on its door or wall adds warmth and humor. The warmth comes from the time and effort that someone put into decorating the room, and the humor comes from stating the obvious.
  3. Welcome: A simple sign that says: “Welcome” goes a long way in making people feel invited and important as they enter your home or office.
  4. House Address: Engrave your home’s street number. This shows pride of ownership and adds a personal touch to the home’s exterior.
  5. Prized Possession: A great way to show off and give longevity to something you are proud of is to display it on a wooden sign. Engrave the date and names that give meaning to the item. For example, a stuffed fish, a golf ball, a child’s craft, anything that has sentimental value, can be easily showcased on a piece of mounted wood.
  6. Favorite Saying or Quote: Engrave a special saying or quote that you find inspirational, comical, or that has special meaning for you. Display it in your home or office where it will have high visibility. It will help lift the reader’s mood.
  7. First Name: Engrave someone’s first name of the wooden sign. This can be displayed on their bedroom or office door. Engrave images and a letter style that reflects that individual’s style. This type of sign is a great gift.
  8. Business Logo: Engrave your business logo onto a piece of wood. This can be displayed in the building’s entry. You can also add employees’ names to these plaques and hand them out on special occasions or as recognition for service milestones and contributions.
  9. Clock: Engrave numbers clock-style into the piece of wood. This idea will require a little extra effort, because you must also attach rotating clock needles and batteries.
  10. Hanging Hooks: Double the functionality of a wood sign by engraving words or images and adding hooks to hang keys or coats in your home’s entrance way.

The above ideas for wood signs will showcase your creativity and add character to any room. They can be customized any way you prefer and are also unique gifts to give to someone special.

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