10 Different Table Top Tile Designs

Rather than buying a plain old table for your home, why not design something unique with table top tile? There are all kinds of exciting patterns, shapes, sizes, finishes and more in terms of its overall appearance.

Before heading out to buy a table, ask yourself what color, size, shape, and pattern do you actually want the table to be. Alternatively, you can spruce up a table you already own with a tile top.

Here are 10 table top tile designs to consider.

Design #1: Colors

You can design a table top with just one colored tile or perhaps more than one. Think about various shades of colored tiles like all greens or red, blues, etc. The tiles can be arranged to go from light to dark while adding everything else in between. An all white tiled table would be appropriate for outdoor use like an all yellow tiled table would look great in a kitchen.

Design #2: Floral

Floral design is a perfect design for table top tiles especially if the table is going to be used outside or in a bedroom. Some tiles are already designed with prints and patterns like flowers and can be installed directly onto the table top. Or, buy white tiles and paint on top of the tiles with special paint any kind of flower you like,

Design #3: Patterns

An unusual pattern like circles within circles, squares, or triangles and other geometrical shapes can look Modern and impressionistic. Create your own pattern on tiles using stamping tools or anything around the house that will leave an unusual imprint,

Design #4: Mosaic

Get creative and do the table top in mosaic tiles, which are various pieces of tiles in different colors, sizes and shapes. Make a pattern with the tiles or go free-form.

Design #5: Faux Finishes

Create a faux or fake finish that resembles a texture right on the tiles for a unique, one-of-a kind table top. Either buy faux finish tools at home improvement stores or using something from the house like a comb to create lines.

Design #6: Mirrored Glass

Add pieces of mirrored glass to colored tiles, patterned tiles or whatever the main theme is to give it some extra pizzazz.

Design #7 Sizes

Try mixing large and small tiles or broken pieces of other tiles together for an abstract, contemporary style tabletop.

Design #8: Stencil

Use a stencil form or tracing paper to transfer one of your favorite designs directly onto the table top. For example, if you like hearts buy a stencil form or use tracing paper to get the look you want.

Design #9: Grout

Using colored grout in between the tiles is an easy way to make a statement without much effort. Instead of white grout, go for something bold that will pop like blue, red or yellow. Colored grout is usually available at flooring or home improvement stores.

Design #10: Vintage

Shop around at flea markets looking for old tiles from yesteryear like the 1950s, 1970s or go way back to the 1920s. Mix and match old pieces to create a pattern or theme.