10 Electric Furnace Safety Tips to Consider

An electric furnace uses electric current to generate the heat that warms up your living area. Among its parts are an air blower, heating elements, a safety switch and a filter. Electric furnaces must be installed correctly and maintained as per requirements. Following are some of the important safety tips to consider.

1. Buy a Recognized, Certified Furnace

An electric furnace is a sizable investment, which is instrumental in keeping your home warm, safe and livable. Never buy a furnace from a company you have never heard of before. Look for reputed name brands that have been in business for many years. Get references from friends and neighbors. Only buy a furnace that has been tested and certified by an independent, recognized testing authority.

2. Ensure that Installation is Done Correctly

Correct installation is crucial to the safe operation of your electric furnace. To avoid short circuits or electric fires, you must ensure that the installation is done as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. Only use a licensed contractor or electrician for help with the installation and setup of your heating system.

3. Clean and Change the Furnace Filter Regularly

The furnace filter keeps dirt and allergens out of your living area, while ensuring clean air. You must clean your furnace filter every 3 or 4 months. If needed, replace the filter with a new one. This will maximize the efficiency of your electric furnace and also avoid problems such as overheating.

4. Have the Furnace Checked Every Year

Regular checking and maintenance of your electric furnace will warn you of any serious problems or malfunctions in the unit. If your unit is still under warranty, you can have any repairs or replacements done free of charge. Use a qualified technician for inspection of the unit.

5. Keep the Area Around the Furnace Clean

A cluttered area around the electric furnace can give rise to several problems. There must be sufficient clearance around the furnace on all sides, at all times.

6. Never Store Combustibles in the Vicinity of the Furnace

Combustibles stored in the vicinity of an electric furnace can increase the risk of fires. Combined with electricity, a fire can be quite devastating. Avoid keeping any inflammable or combustibles liquids or solids close to the furnace to prevent such accidents.

7. Never Perform Alterations or Repairs Yourself

If your electric furnace fails or does not perform well, contact the company service people or a qualified technician. Never attempt to do the repairs yourself unless you are fully qualified to do so.

8. Wear Safety Glasses and Gloves While Cleaning

For adequate protection, protect your eyes with safety goggles when you clean the filter or the furnace. Also wear a thick pair of gloves to protect your skin.

9. Disconnect Power Supply Before Cleaning

Never attempt to do any maintenance or cleaning on the electric furnace without first disconnecting the power supply. Not doing so exposes you to the risk of serious electric shocks.

10. Install Additional Air Conditioners, Humidifiers or Air Cleaners with Caution

Many electric furnaces have options that enable installation of air conditioners or humidifiers. Connect these appliances to your furnace with utmost care, to avoid damaging any parts.