10 Engraving Ideas for Wedding Bands

Engraving your wedding bands is special. It adds a memory and heartfelt touch to the band that will be cherished for years to come. Below are 5 ideas for sayings and thoughts to engrave into the wedding band.

1. Date You Got Engaged

Having the date that you got engaged engraved on the back of the wedding band will give you a reminder of that special day/night that you shared together.

2. Date You Got Married

Documenting the date of the special day onto the back of your wedding band is another idea. It will give you something to look back on in years to come and provide you with a lasting reminder of how important your marriage is.

3. Your Monogram

Having your initials engraved into the back of the ring is a beautiful idea that will have a special meaning. Seeing the letters of your names intertwined on your band is a symbol of your commitment to each other.

4. Bible Verse

If you are religious you may consider finding a special verse to engrave onto the back of your wedding band. You may choose to engrave a verse that was used at the wedding ceremony or one that has meaning to both of your lives.

5. Short Quote or Motto

There may be a quote or motto that means something to both you and your spouse. Engrave the saying onto the back of your wedding band as a reminder of what your love means to you.

6. Simple Word

You may choose to engrave one word that describes your relationship together. It may be a word that when said to one another brings back memories or thoughts of your love and the history of your lives together.

7. Your Birthdays

Another engraving idea for your wedding band is to have each others birth—dates put on the back of the ring. Your birthdays are special and unique and to have your spouse's on your band allows you to share the memories of the years you've spent together celebrating each others birthdays and gives you a piece of one another to hold dear as a symbol of your love for one another.

8. Short Poem

Have your partner create a short one-verse poem that describes your relationship or the love that they feel for you. Have it engraved on the back of your band as a token of your feelings for one another.

9. Famous Quote

If there is a quote that you both hold dear that is famous and thought provoking you may choose to have it engraved onto your band. The quote should be something that when said reminds you of the importance of your relationship and commitment for one another.

10. Signature

A final idea for an engraving would be each others signature. Many engravers will have an option to allow you to copy each others original signature onto the back of your band. Because a signature is so personal it will be a unique reminder of one another when you look at the back of your ring.

Whether you engrave a saying, a signature or a date on the back of your ring make sure it is personal and meaningful to both you and your spouse.