10" Frying Pan

Most 10" Frying Pans are used for a variety of cooking needs, but the most popular use is for frying eggs, browning omelets, or for preparing even smaller meals.

Lighter Fare

A 10 frying pan can also be used for frying delicate, tender pieces of fish or chicken because of its contained space. If a frying pan's bottom surface is too large in dimension, foods can and will quickly fall apart. Many home cooks like to use this size frying pan for making pancakes, preparing crepes, and melting butter or margarine because they need to be prepared with a lighter hand.

Various Metal Options

The 10 frying pan has simple low sides that flare slightly outward, keeping grease and oil splattering to a minimum. If you want a pan that will not burn foods, look for a stainless, nonstick, aluminum, titanium or other coating on the 10" frying pan’s interior to prevent such mishaps.

It is possible to purchase 10" frying pans individually or as part of a set in basic colors or something to match your other pots and pans. This is the type of frying pan that you will use repeatedly for basic cooking, as well as when you want something that will be gentle for more fragile fare.