10 Important Scroll Saw Safety Tips

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A scroll saw is very practical to use for many fun arts and crafts projects, as well as home projects. Nonetheless, working with a scroll saw can be very dangerous if you do not take certain safety measures. Follow these tips on how to handle a scroll saw without endangering yourself or anyone around you.

1. Safety Glasses

It is important to always wear safety glasses before turning on the scroll saw as the sharp blades can be very dangerous especially, if they break off.

2. Dust Mask

In addition to wearing safety glasses, another way to protect your face is by putting on a dust mask. This will keep you from breathing or swallowing any of the dust that is produced from cutting the wood.

3. Handling the Scroll Saw

Never move the scroll saw great distances when it is turned on. Also be sure to pick it up by either the legs or at the base, and never by its arm. Before turning on the scroll saw, check to see that is stable and placed on an even surface.

4. Good Lighting

Having good lighting will help you see the lines better and give you the cleanest cut possible. You can even buy lights separately that can be directly mounted onto the scroll saw.

5. Magnifying Glasses

For perfect precision, you can go the extra mile and purchase a magnifying glass that can also be mounted onto the saw.

6. Blades

Check the blades before turning on the saw. They should be sharp and not dull or bent, which can create uneven cuts. Also check to see that all the blades are properly secured.

If you do not plan on using your scroll saw very often, you still need to take good care of it. Spray the blades with a very light coat of oil to keep them from rusting.

7. Cut Dry Wood

It is important to cut wood with a scroll saw that is dry, since wet wood will slowly but surely wear down your saw blades and reduce its life expectancy.

8. V-Block

It is a good idea to use a V-block when cutting rounded wood. This helps hold the wood and keeps it from rolling into the blade, which can cause it to break or jam up.

9. Eraser

Always keep your fingers away from the blades. Instead, you should use a pencil eraser when cutting wood very close to the blade to avoid any mishaps.

10. Foot Operated Switch

A foot operated switch that turns on and off allows you to have more control when making cuts with your hands. Be sure to unplug the foot switch when changing or replacing blades so you do not to accidentally turn it to the on position, as this can be very dangerous.