10 Interior Design Trends to Avoid when Home Staging

badly decorated living room

One of the most difficult hurdles of selling your house is overcoming the home staging phrase; you want to make a good first impression. A solid home staging plan can help prospective buyers see themselves in your home.

Looking for home staging inspiration in the newest interior design trends can be a great idea. However, you need to be sure to watch out for things that may not work in the eyes of potential buyers. You don’t want to spend lots of money just to have your house sit on the market.

No matter what trends you follow, it’s important that you avoid these home staging mishaps at all costs so that you’re not scaring away potential buyers.

1. Clutter

One of the more current trends in interior design is the eclectic look, which often involves accumulating lots of knickknacks and other little pieces that give off an upscale bohemian vibe. This may look great to those living in the home, but if you’re planning on leaving, you should know that overly decorated homes can give off an impression of being cluttered. This look puts off buyers because they aren’t able to visualize their belongings in your space because you’ve so densely decorated the area.

Instead, try tucking some of your knickknacks in the closet and instead only incorporating pieces that bring in occasional pops of color.

2. Overly Personal Decor

red bedroom

This is something that should be carefully considered so that you don’t go overboard in either direction. Making sure that your home looks lived in will give a great first impression, and personalizing a home is a widely popular interior design trend. While putting up family photos and the occasional art piece can warm up the area for proper home staging, you need to be sure that people are not overwhelmed by your personal choices. When potential buyers enter your home, they should see clean lines and a well-kept environment. They need to visualize themselves living in this house, and overly personalized décor takes away from what their imagination can visualize.

3. Bright Colors

Bright colors are a popular interior design trend; bright paints and unique wallpaper patterns can help revitalize a home from the common and boring beige and eggshell colors. The same idea applies to flooring. Brightly colored or overly patterned walls and floors often create a bad first impression for potential home buyers.

Bright colors and intricate patterns immediately tell the potential buyers that they will be in for extra work in order to change the space to fit their décor and preferences. Additionally, these colors are supposed to be accents, but when people are coming through with the intent to buy, bright colors are quick to catch their attention.

While having pops of colors can be great for a home staging, it is best to make sure that nothing with a strong color is permanent. By incorporating colors in accent pillows and scattered art pieces, people can appreciate your design choices while knowing that they can easily change it and make it their own.

4. Specific Themes and Aesthetics

If you’ve decided your home has to look like a Grecian temple, you may have a hard time selling it later on. There are certain design aesthetics that lend themselves well to home staging, but that is often because they are easy to transition to another. For example, French chateaus or country living themes are interior design trends that are relatively simple upgrade or change into something else. You may be proud of your unique Star Wars themed play area or your steampunk themed living room, but they may come back and bite you later when you are trying to sell.

5. Artificial Lighting

living room with lamps

Another interior design trend is to fill your home with beautiful light fixtures and lamps for both design appeal and function. While these may seem great, using natural light is always best for a home staging. Using artificial light in a home can give a stifling first impression, and too many lamps can give a cluttered feel. Be sure to use light drapery and remove a few lamps to show off all the natural lighting your house has to offer. Show potential buyers that the home can look great with nothing but a light window dressing.

6. Symmetry

Clean lines are great, but too much symmetry is boring and unappealing. Recently, there has been an interior design trend that favors the symmetrical minimalist look. While this may be the way you like your home to look as a resident, it won't work well for a home staging. Breaking up the lines of your home can give it a more homey first impression, making your home look lived in while also keeping the eye engaged. If everything follows the same line, people get bored and can miss some of the great features of your house.

7. Gold Fixtures

Gold fixtures are on trend right now in the interior design world because they are bold and striking to look at, but for home staging purposes they are a little ahead of the curve. If this trend has caught your eye, it is advised that you stay away from this kind of upgrade until you are in your new home. The first impression many people get when they see gold fixtures is that they are outdated. If you have this style in your home, especially in places where they aren’t easy to remove, it can turn off homewoners. So keep the gold on hold.

8. Office Bedrooms

messy office

Bedrooms are real estate gold. Many interior design trends advise homeowners to convert unused bedrooms into play areas or home offices. However, when you’re home staging, having a home office doesn’t do you nearly as much good as having another bedroom. Potential buyers want to know there are enough bedrooms to accommodate family members and guests; it is a lot easier for them to imagine a bedroom as an office than it is the other way around. Utilizing all your bedrooms can give you a great first impression just from what is included on the listing alone. No matter what your spare room functions as, it is highly recommended that you turn it into a bedroom to get the most bang for your buck.

9. Carpeting

Carpeting is a tricky choice in a home, as they often make a bad first impression on people. Whether it's just because they don’t care for the color or because they think it looks cheap, it can be a big mark against your home for potential buyers. Interior design trends lately include a few carpeted rooms to break up the look of the flooring, and in some cases, it can look and feel great. However, for home staging, carpeting has more against it rather than going for it. If you’re thinking about home renovations before you put your place on the market, reconsider carpeting.

10. Open Shelves

open shelving kitchen

One modern interior design trend is to incorporate open shelving. These spaces create a place for you to have everything that you want right at your fingertips whenever you need them. However, when you are doing a home staging, these open shelves can make a bad first impression. While you may love that you can pick up a plate without having to open and close a cabinet, it may not work as well for potential buyers. They want to know that someone lives comfortable in the home, but they also want to imagine their belongings, and open shelves give an overly personal feel.

Following interior design trends can help you with your home staging first impression but they can also hurt you. Remember that the most important thing is to cultivate an atmosphere that potential home buyers can picture themselves living in.