10 Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

When you attempt landscaping on your own, you have visions of how it’s all going to turn out. Putting your surroundings up using your own resources can be incredibly rewarding and at the same time frustrating. Pre-empting the effort and the work required can ease the process and make your landscaping project worthwhile.

Here are 10 landscaping mistakes to avoid:

Landscaping Mistake #1: Haphazard Planning

Failure to have a comprehensive plan can have serious ramifications on your landscaping efforts. Try and have at least a rough idea of what will go where and then stick to it. If you are impulsive about your planting or decorating, you run the risk of engaging in a lopsided venture.

Landscaping Mistake #2: Ignoring the Tool List

Nothing can be more frustrating than finally starting a project and realising that an important tool is missing. You can avoid this by maintaining an updated list of tools required.

Landscaping Mistake #3: Overlooking Seasonal Changes

Spring, summer, fall and winter each has its unique colour and cheer. You can draw up a planting strategy which makes the best of each season. Watching your garden transform with every approaching season will more than make up for the extra attention you put in.

Landscaping Mistake #4: Picking the Wrong Plants

Your garden has its sunny spots and its shaded corners. It is best to match these to the plants you pick. If you have planned a sitting area or a children’s play area, make sure you don’t have thorny trees or plants around.

Landscaping Mistake #5: Missing the Big Picture

Plants and trees grow. You must have an idea of what the eventual growth of your plants and trees will be. This will give you an idea of how much maintenance they will require like pruning, weeding, watering and fertilizing. The placement of your plants and trees will also depend on the size they are going to grow to. You can avoid situations where you have a big shrub blocking your window or a large tree dwarfing your entrance.

Landscaping Mistake #6: Disregarding Watering Needs

Your plants and trees will require water all through the year. The quantities may differ seasonally, but you must ensure that there is a source of irrigation provided for. Travelling and holidaying become so much easier when you have taken care of this critical aspect.

Landscaping Mistake #7: Not Providing Adequate Protection

Along with a landscaped garden come the problems of insects, pests and intruders. Providing adequate protection through deer fencing or chicken wire fences is a good idea. You can also look at planting some natural repellents such as bleeding heart, corydalis, anise, mint, feather reed grass and fountain grass to keep away rabbits and deer.

Landscaping Mistake #8: Trying for Too Much Symmetry

Your garden is not one straight piece of land. It has its own undulations and irregularities. Naturally occurring stones and rocks can actually be used to give character and distinctiveness to your landscaping effort. Too much symmetry can make your work look forced and severe.

Landscaping Mistake #9: Neglecting to Budget

A budget will insulate you from unpleasant surprises that may spring up in the middle of your project. You will have a clear idea of how much you will invest in your landscaping efforts and a pre determined budget will keep you on track.

Landscaping Mistake #10: Underestimating Final Appearance

After you have put in so much effort into your landscaped garden it will be a pity if you can only view it during the day. Proper light placement can overcome this problem. Solar lights, hidden lights and rock lights are some of the ways you can add to the beauty of your garden. Also remember that your house is the center attraction of your garden. Just as you want a great view when you look out of your house, make sure the sight is equally pleasing while looking in at it from the street.