10 Mistakes to Avoid When Framing a Room 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Framing a Room

A lot of things can go wrong while you are framing a room. Below are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while framing a room.

Wrong Nails

Too big nails can split the wood while too small nails do not have enough strength to hold the frame together.

Wrong Hammer

Using the wrong hammer to drive the nails can cause the wood to split.

Wrong Length

Cutting the wrong length of framing can be such a waste of construction materials. Double check your measurements before you cut your wood framing.

Wrong Cut

Wood framing require special cuts at the corners and joints for the pieces to fit together. Make sure to make the right cuts to get the work done properly.  

Wood Priming

Failure to prime the wood can weaken your frame.

Misaligned studs

Misaligned studs do not just look messy; they can also weaken your room framing.

Not Enough Studs

Your studs should be about 16 inches apart to provide strong support.

Mismatched Design Patterns

If you want to use design patterns when framing your room, make sure that the patterns match with the rest of your room decorations.

Wrong Cornices

Your cornicing should match with the overall design of your room.

Not Enough Time

You need not do all your framing work in one day. A hurriedly done work usually yields poor results.

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