10 Painted Front Doors to Make You Green With Envy

Which Color Will You Choose?

Painting your front door is not only an easy and inexpensive way to update your home’s exterior, but it’s also fun! Think of it as a bright way to welcome yourself home each evening, or your trademark among the builder grade doors of your neighborhood. But while you may know how to paint the door, choosing a color can be a challenge all on its own. We take the guesswork out by explaining the secrets of success behind 10 differently colored doors – and how to make them work for you.


When In Doubt, Choose Blue

You know how denim seems to go with everything in your wardrobe? That’s how blue doors can work for the exterior of your home. This soft blue door complements all the other colors in the image, from the yellow siding to the red potted flowers. Blues can often act as a neutral like white or gray, so it’s an easy transition if you’re nervous about too much color.

Modernize Classic Lines

Here’s a color choice for those who want to jump in the game with both feet. While the tangerine orange is cohesive with the lime green trim, it contrasts with the traditional lines of the porch in the best way, proving you don’t have to be a classic color to mix with columns and a rocking chair.  

Extend Your Landscaping

What makes this mint green door stand out is its surroundings. The pink and blue pastel flowers and soft greenery prove that your front door color doesn’t have to hit you in the face – it can blend in with the landscape without being an eyesore.

Brighten Things Up

This brick building doesn’t have much going for it without the yellow door. But because of the cheery hue, the plants seem a little greener, the bricks a little more charming, and the overall impact more welcoming. All because of a little color!

Choose Complementary Colors

There’s something about the colors in this image that just work, right? That’s because the kelly green door and leaves are complementary to the magenta bougainvillea blooms. There’s a science behind this, and it’s called the color theory. Reading up on it can make a world of difference when choosing  colors for your home.

Remember That Opposites Attract

The color pink connotes femininity, which is why this bubblegum pink door works so well against the rough brick and concrete. It’s all about the play of contrast in life – the yin and yang, the peanut butter and jelly, the pink door and the brick wall.


Complete the Picture

Door design can often be forgot in home planning, but this beach cottage wouldn’t be the same without its turquoise door. Against the weathered siding and windswept flowers, it’s the finishing touch to the home’s seaside look.

Take a Cue From History

We couldn’t discuss the topic of colored front doors without mentioning the classic standby – red. While this is a bold choice, it has historical roots. According to American history, homeowners would paint their doors red in horse and buggy days to signify that their abode was a safe and comfortable haven. And who wouldn’t want to think of their home as anything less?


Explore Your Options

If bright red is too much color for your home, how about this subdued maroon? A cherry tone would overwhelm this color palette, but the warm shade complements the adirondack chairs and the moss green siding. When choosing a color, look at multiple shades and tones to find what’s right for your home – there’s lots of wiggle room.

Play the Matching Game

What better way to finish off this color tour than with this blue beauty. While this cobalt blue is a bold choice, it’s grounded in the fact that it perfectly matches the flower pots. The takeaway? When you’re at a loss for color, choose something preexisting on your porch to match the door to. It’s a foolproof way to make sure that everything looks cohesive.