10 Reasons to Get an Antique Console Entry Table 10 Reasons to Get an Antique Console Entry Table

Decorating with antiques is considered one of the easiest and most exciting ways to furnish a home. For example, placing a console entry table from another time period can be an instant conversation piece. An antique is technically anything that is 100 years old or older. Besides being a great attention grabber, there are many other reasons to get an antique console entry table when thinking about design. Here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider it.

Reason #1: Attention Grabber

As mentioned, anyone who comes into the main door of your home or the foyer and sees the antique table is going to be pleasantly surprised. They certainly won't be expecting to see something so unique smack dab in the front entryway of your home.

Reason#2: Value

As antiques age, most of the time their value also rises. You never know if the table you picked up at an antique fair or garage sale will be worth three times what you paid for it originally.

Reason #3: Easy Maintenance

Most antiques are easy to care for. An antique console table, if it is wood, will most likely need just a coat of furnish polish and a regular dusting to keep it looking tip top.

Reason #4: Eclectic

Another great reason for adding an antique console in your entryway is because most antiques go with other styles. If you have Modern or even Early American décor throughout the home, an antique console will still blend nicely.

Reason #5 Hand-Me-Down

The antique console table might be a great hand-me-down to your children once you decide you don't want it any more, if your style changes, or if you just get tired of it.

Reason #6: Practical

Having an antique console table near the front door is a perfect place to set down mail, car keys, or other important things that you want to pick up quickly and not hunt for.

Reason #7: Storage

If you get an antique storage table, most have at least one pull-out drawer or a shelf that you can store items like extra house keys, gloves, hats, car insurance papers, and other regularly needed objects.

Reason #8: Light

Place a decorative lamp on top of the antique table console and you've got a great night light that shines when you or guests enter the house.

Reason #9: Accessories

Add some of your favorite knickknacks or home accessories to the top of the antique console table. For example, place a treasured framed family photo on the table, scented candles, potpourri or even something that you might have picked up from a traveling adventure.

Reason #10: Inherited

Perhaps you inherited the console table from a relative and didn’t know where to put it. Rather than store in the garage or attic, proudly display it for all to see, including the relative who gave it you in the first place. Not only will it look good, but it will make them happy, too.


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