10 Safety Tips for Electric Log Splitter Use

What You'll Need
Sturdy footwear
Clothes that are not loose fitting
Safety goggles

An electric log splitter, like all power tools, can become a safety hazard if it is not used correctly. If you stick with the following ten guidelines, however, you will be able to use your electric log splitter safely and effectively.

Safety Tip #1: Switch Unit Off Before Transporting

Always make sure the electric log splitter is turned off before moving it to another location.

Safety Tip #2: Always Wear Protective Clothing

Always wear the appropriate clothing when using an electric log splitter. Avoid sandals, sneakers and open toe shoes. Opt for sturdy footwear instead. Never operate an electric log splitter barefoot. Steer clear of loose fitting outfits and jewelry, which may get caught in moving parts. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Do not count on everyday glasses to protect your eyes because these lenses are only impact resistant, and not made to be effective safety glasses.

Safety Tip #3: Always Watch What You’re Doing

It is essential to pay complete and close attention to the log pusher when operating an electric log splitter. Never try and load a log into the splitter until the log pusher has completely stopped. When operating the machine, keep hands, feet, hair and loose clothing away from any moving parts.

Safety Tip #4: Don't Let Children Operate Splitter

Never allow a child to turn on the electric log splitter. Furthermore, even adults that have not been properly instructed on its operation should be prevented from using the machine.

Safety Tip #5: Stay Sober

If you have been using drugs or alcohol, or any medication that affects your ability to operate power equipment, do not then attempt to use an electric log splitter.

Safety Tip #6: Keep Work Area Tidy and Illuminated

Make sure you use an electric log splitter in a properly lighted area. Also, be sure the surface where you place your electric log splitter is free of debris.

Safety Tip #7: Make Sure Fittings Don't Become Loose

Check your electric nail splitter regularly to be sure its screws, nuts and bolts are always tightened.

Safety Tip #8: Examine Each Log Before Cutting

Look closely at every log before you split it, and be sure there are no nails or other foreign objects. Remember that branches must be cut flush with the trunk, and ends of the logs need to be sliced square.

Safety Tip #9: Avoid Overreaching

Keep a balanced stance when operating the electric log splitter, and don't overreach. Don't stand on the log splitter, or use it as a step.

Safety Tip #10: Don't Use From Ground Level

Always place the electric log splitter at a comfortable height. Usually, 24 to 32 inches is about right. Put it on a stable, flat and level work area where you leave yourself more than enough room for handling material. If it begins to slip, walk or slide while operating, simply bolt the unit to the work surface.

If electric log splitters can make quick work of thick tree trunks, you can well imagine the damage they can do to human limbs. If you’re safe, this tool will be a great aid in organizing your lumber.