10 Satin Paint Designing Tips

Doing a home improvement project with satin paint is one the easiest paints to work with because it is not too shiny or too dull.

Satin paint has a very slight glossy appearance to it when it dries, so, it is a good choice for many decorating and design projects.

Most satin paint comes in various colors and textures pre-made or it can be mixed to exactly the color you need at any home improvement or paint store.

Be Prepared

Before you begin to paint your piece, be sure to test a small area to see how the color takes and if you like it. Also, have paintbrushes, rollers, paint, drop clothes and other related items needed to complete the project before you begin.

Here are 10  home design projects that you can do with satin paint.

Tip #1: Small Tables

Satin paint in light pastel colors can be used on small bedroom tables and nightstands for a homey, yet sophisticated appearance. Use a foam paintbrush so you don’t leave any brush strokes. You should be able to paint right over what is already on the table or sand down completely and then use a primer before applying satin paint.

Tip#2: Baby Furniture

Try Painting baby furniture like cribs, high chairs, changing tables and toy boxes with satin paint in a bright color. Or, for older children, paint their bed frames, drawers and school desks with a color that will blend in with carpet and walls. Try a faux finish with Satin paint for a unique, one-of-a-kind look,

Tip #3: Redo Walls

Homeowners often prefer using satin paint on interior walls because it leaves them with a slight shine, but not too much. Satin paint is also easily washed down with a damp cloth for marks and fingerprints.

Tip #4: Outdoor Furniture

Painting outside furniture with satin is always a poplar choice as long as the furniture is not metal-based. If it is, you will need to buy a paint that is designed especially for metal patio furniture.

Tip#5: Picture Frames

Update old wood frames that have become dull with time by using a satin paint in a dark hue. Use either a foam paintbrush or a regular sable brush that is narrow rather than wide.

Tip #6: New Doghouse

Give Fido’s old wood doghouse a new look with a coat or two of bright satin paint and then add a new bed or pillow mat inside for comfort.

Tip#7: Bright Birdhouses

Backyard birdhouses can get dull because of the outdoor elements like snow, rain and even sun. Add satin paint to any birdhouse and watch the winged creatures flock.

Tip#8: Kitchen Cabinets

If you have wood cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom, you might want to consider a satin paint finish. Shiny paint on cabinets tends to show all kinds fingerprints, stains and marks whereas Satin has a duller appearance and does not show marks as easily.

Tip#9: Fine Fireplaces

Use satin paint in a plain color like off white or eggshell to update a brick fireplace for a Modern twist.

Tip#10: Baseboards and Trims

Satin paint can also be used to touch-up woodwork on baseboards and trims, and even doors in the home for a clean look.