10 Solar Panels You Can Buy on Amazon

solar panels on a roof with red tiles
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Solar panels have come a long way. Converting energy from the sun into usable electricity has become a household technology. Here are ten solar kits you can buy right now on Amazon.

1. Jackery Solar Saga Foldable 100W

standalone solar panel

Californian Company Jackery specializes in equipment for explorers and off-grid homesteaders. This portable and foldable unit has a carry handle and an adjustable-height kickstand and features USB outlets that can charge digital devices. It has a high conversion rate—the company claims it can produce 23% more energy than other panels in hot weather climates.

2. Renogy Flexible 175W

flexible solar panel

Flexible solar panels are fairly new to the tech scene. These lightweight panels are easy to store, weighing just over six pounds and clocking in at 5% the thickness of some standard models. Their bendable form makes them highly adaptable, especially appealing for uses in vehicles like campers and boats.

3. DOKIO 150 Watts Portable Folding Kit

folded solar panel

Another good choice for mobile applications, these panels fold up for easy portability and features a carrying handle and durable fabric case. It can charge batteries at 12 or 18 volts.

4. Topsolar Flexible 100 Watt

flexible solar panel

This curved, flexible panel is extremely lightweight.

5. ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable

solar panel array

Compact and lightweight, this model comes with a zippered pouch for easy portability and an additional DC cable. Its tilting kickstand helps it take in 25% more sunlight, and its three-meter cable is long enough to keep the generator it plugs into in the shade. It features overcharge battery protection to prevent burnout.

6. WEIZE 100 Watt Starter Kit

solar panel with control panel

These durable, affordable panels come with a full installation kit and promise a long, low-maintenance life thanks to their weatherproofing protection. They generate 5.3 amp power and charge 12-volt batteries.

7. Renogy 400 Watts Off-Grid Kit

solar panel array with accessories

This powerful system can put out as much as 2,000Wh per day in full sun, and its bypass diode still delivers strong performance even in low light. Its multilayered lamination enhances its cell performance, and its aluminum frame can stand up to extended outdoor use for decades, even in areas with strong winds and heavy snow. It comes with a 30A charge controller that mounts cleanly on RV walls and features negative grounding for battery compatibility.

8. Bluetti Power Station Panel Combo

solar power station with panels

This power station and panel combo make a good out-of-the-box solution for an off-grid or traveling setup.

9. HQST 100 Watts

small solar panel array, front and back

This high-efficiency standalone model comes with just the panels.

10. Newpowa 200 Watts

simple solar panels, front and back

An affordable entry, this Newpowa panel is rated for snow loads and comes with connector cables.

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