10 Weed Cutter Safety Tips

A weed cutter is a tool that operates on gas or electricity and is used to cut down weeds and overgrown grass. Popularly known as a weed eater, this tool employs a plastic wire that spins around at high speeds when the machine is turned on. This speed gives the wire a sharp cutting edge, which helps cut down weeds at high speed. When you use a weed cutter, you must follow certain safety precautions.

Tip 1: Wear Safety Equipment

When you use a weed cutter, you can expect flying debris, twigs, earth, stones and small branches. Most of these particles are quite sharp and can cause injury. You must wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Also wear thick gloves to protect your hands. Never work bare foot or in sandals. You must wear thick boots that provide good grip and protect your feet. If you are using a powerful, loud machine, protect your hearing with ear plugs.

Tip 2: Keep a Safe Distance from Other People

If you lose your balance or the weed cutter deflects by accident, it could cause serious injury to bystanders. Keep children and other people a safe distance away. Never engage in a conversation while the tool is in operation.

Tip 3: Work on a Stable Surface

Before you start cutting down the weeds, try to clear up the area of all twigs and stones so you are at lesser risk of slipping or tripping over something.

Tip 4: Check the Weed Cutter for Loose or Damaged Parts

Do not operate the weed cutter if the wire is loose or broken. Periodically check the tool for broken parts. Make sure the shield or cover is always in place.

Tip 5: Never Elevate the Weed Cutter when It is in Operation

Always hold the weed cutter under your knee level. If you have to raise it, make sure you do not elevate it over your waist. This increases the risk of accidents due to flying debris and also loss of balance.

Tip 6: Hold the Weed Cutter with Both Hands

Never operate the weed cutter with one hand. You could lose control of the tool easily. Always grip the weed cutter firmly with both hands.

Tip 7: Clean up Debris Often

The weed cutter will accumulate debris from grass and other plant material often. You must clean the weed cutter often. Otherwise, the tool will not work as well as it should.

Tip 8: Never Refill Gas Immediately after Use

If you are using a gas powered weed cutter, you must check the fuel level often. Never refill the tank immediately after using the tool, as it could result in fire or an explosion.

Tip 9: Avoid Listening to Music

Be alert whenever you use the weed cutter. This tool can be quite loud when it is running. To alert yourself of traffic or people approaching you, it is better to avoid listening to music when you are working.

10 – Turn off the Tool before Putting It Down or Performing Maintenance

After finishing your work, turn off the weed cutter and allow it to stop completely before you set it down or store it. Never clean the tool or perform maintenance unless it is turned off.