10 Tips to Buying a Sunroom 10 Tips to Buying a Sunroom

Sunrooms are an excellent way to improve your home. Whether you seek to expand your living area with a cozy outdoor room, or you want to increase the value of your house, choosing one of these affordable add-ons may prove to be just the answer. Sunrooms offer something for everyone and there are many different styles, shapes, and prices that you can choose from. Let these 10 tips assist you, as you look into purchasing your very own sunroom:

See the Real Deal

You should always ask the salesman whether or not they have a showroom where you can take a look at some full-sized models. Brochures of pretty pictures and measurements can only show you so much. Instead, you want to be able to see what the finished product will look like and you will want to be able to step inside the model and see how it feels for you. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have a display home, where you can see an example of their contractor’s finished project and judge the kind of work they do.

Set an Appointment

Make sure that the company offers a free, no obligation measuring and consultation at your home and schedule an appointment to have one done. When you ask about the cost, get an exact figure, rather than allowing them to call you back on the phone with an estimate. Estimates are often used to mask true figures and extra fees - Make sure that you know, up front, what you are considering committing to. If you don’t like the price, don’t be afraid to shop around and compare. You’re not obligated to do anything.

Ask About the Warranty

There should be two different guarantees that are offered. Naturally, your sunroom should include a Manufacturer’s Warranty, but you will want to find out, not only how long it will last for, but also what all is covered by it. Ask who stands behind it and what you do, in the event that something occurs. Also ask about their labor guarantee, and find out what all it includes.

Sub-contractors and Insurance Issues

To avoid having to pay Workman’s Compensation insurance, many companies will hire out sub-contractors to work for them. Because you may be liable, should one of these sub-contractors be uninsured and gets injured on this job site, it is essential to ensure that even the sub-contractors have insurance. Also, be sure that the contractor and the company stand behind the sub-contractor’s work as well. Failing to do these could, potentially, be a recipe for disaster.

Check Door Handles

Because your door handles will receive a great deal of use, it’s important to ensure that they are all strong and will be able to live up to the wear. How do they fit up against the door and how are they fastened on?

Check Roller Wheels

If your favored sunroom is equipped with roller wheels on the windows or doors, it’s very important to check them thoroughly. Wheels that frequently stick, jam, or go off track can make heavy doors and windows nearly unbearable. Be sure that these are part of what is covered in the warranty.

Check the Screens

Ideally, you want a screen that is going to be sturdy, efficient, and glare-free. Black aluminum screens are a popular choice, because they are sturdier than fiberglass screens.

Is the Sunroom Energy Star® Qualified?

Energy Star is a national program that rates the energy efficiency of various consumer products in all 50 states. If a sun room is designed for year-round heating and cooling, it is eligible for an Energy Star rating. Be sure to ask about this rating, to make sure that your windows and doors are up to par.

What About UL® Approval?

For your own safety, you should ensure that your sunroom’s wiring has been UL tested and approved. This means that it meets UL requirements for safety, posing less of a fire or shock hazard. While these ratings are not required by law, it will definitely feel better knowing that your new sunroom has passed these tests.

Permits and Inspections

Be sure that you determine what permits and inspections are required before you can start erecting your new sunroom. Find out how the paperwork is to be processed and who is supposed to schedule the inspections with the local building inspectors.

Sunrooms provide an excellent retreat from the humdrum of everyday life, surrounding you in the soothing outdoors without the hassle of bad weather or insects. Irresistable to use, economical to own, and fast to install, sunrooms make every day bright and cheerful. By following the ten tips listed above, we hope that you will find the ideal sunroom, just for you.

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