11 Crafts to Try for National Craft Month

hands knitting golden fabric
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March is National Craft Month, so it’s an opportunity to try new things, share your passion, or encourage you to set aside time for the activities you enjoy most.

It’s an entire month open to endless possibilities. So grab some inspiration and make a plan to get started.

1. Knitting and Crocheting

There are countless tutorials and books, but if you know someone who does this type of needlework, take advantage of a lesson with the person to spend time together and learn a new hobby at the same time.

With your newfound skills, you can make a cap, scarf, headband, washcloths, blankets, and more.

2. Fly Tying

hands tying fly fishing lure

If you enjoy detailed work, you can tie your own flies for friends who fish, or for your own use. You’ll need some feathers and line, good tools, and focused task lighting.

3. Tile Mosaics

The task is simple at its core, but one that is overflowing with creative opportunities.

Head to home improvement or floor covering stores. They often are eager to dispose of pulled samples or extra boxes of ceramic tile.

At home, break up the pieces with a hammer or create more detailed cuts with a tile clipper or even a wet saw. Then put them together on a board, creating a design with the colors.

Fill the gaps with grout and clean. You can make large pieces of wall art, trivets, tabletops, and whatever you desire.

4. Painting

colorful paints on wood craft board

Take a class, watch how-to videos, or get together with a friend. You can even simply practice on your own.

The point of the craft challenge is to get started, so gather your supplies and find a well-lit corner or take your painting to the beach, a field, or a stream.

If you like painting, but want a bit more guidance, try a paint-by-number set. They’ve come a long way since your childhood and result in stunning art.

Diamond art is another similar finished look, but instead of painting, these kits rely on small gems that are individually glued into place to complete the design.

5. Wreath Making

There’s a wreath for every season and every occasion. Make fabric wreaths for a baby’s room.

Design a wedding wreath to hang on pews for an upcoming ceremony.

Put together Christmas wreaths with artificial greenery and adorn them with short light strands.

Make a welcome wreath out of overlapping wood cutouts.

Get out the jute or burlap to make a wall decoration that matches a farmhouse, boho, or cottagecore interior design style, along with many others.

6. Candle Making

pouring melted wax into a candle container

As winter comes to a close, candles might not be in the forefront of your mind, but National Craft Month is the perfect time to restock your supplies and start on gifts.

You don’t need a lot of supplies for candle making. Invest in good quality wax, and scents if you like them. Buy some wicks. You can use myriad household items for your mold, or you can buy those too.

7. Sewing

Once you master the technique of sewing, you’ll be unstoppable in the DIY realm.

You can make clothes, pillowcases, curtains, table cloths, cloth napkins, pillows, and so much more.

8. Scrapbooking

This craft is much more than simply putting pictures into an album. It’s art.

Scrapbooking uses a variety of papers and stickers to pull together a design on each page. Your imagination is the only limitation here.

Make scrapbooks for each child, after a wedding or graduation ceremony, as a celebration of life, in honor of a birthday, or just because you love it!

9. Origami

hands holding origami flower with other paper folded designs

The art of origami has certainly been around long enough to qualify as a skill handed down through the generations.

Start with a kit or look up some detailed designs online and source the paper yourself. Your completed designs can be added to gifts or displayed and it’s a great way to get kids involved in crafting too.

10. Glass Etching

It’s surprisingly easy to etch glass, although the chemicals in products like Armour Etch require some safety precautions such as a well-ventilated space.

With some stencils you make yourself or buy from a craft store, you can create personalized designs or messages on vases, glasses, mirrors, and other surfaces.

11. Jewelry Making

Work with beads, gems, or twisted wire. The fun of jewelry making is the creative aspect of putting together any materials that appeal to you.