11 Essential Garbage Disposal Parts for Installation

hand with wrench adjusting plumbing beneath a sink

If you have decided to install a garbage disposal in your sink, you need to gather all the necessary garbage disposal parts for the successful completion of your project. Here are some tips on the parts you need for the installation.

1. Sink Sleeve

The sink sleeve is the part you see above the sink. It prevents water from seeping around the outside of the disposal.

2. Stopper Sleeve

The stopper sleeve is the small rubber part that is usually black and slatted and prevents things from falling in the garbage disposal.

3. Upper Mounting Ring

The upper mounting ring is lipped on one side and triangular.

4. Rubber gasket

The rubber gasket is round and flat and it can be made either from fiber board or rubber.

5. Snap Ring

The snap ring is also known as the wire ring and has its one end open in order to facilitate the mounting of the disposal.

6. Backup Ring

The backup ring is actually a complex of three rings used in the main body of the disposal.

7. Lower Mounting Ring

The lower mounting ring is made of metal and has three curled up ears.

8. The Mounting Gasket

Also called the splash baffle. This is located at the top of the disposer, where it connects with the drain.

9. The Dishwasher Inlet

Is located at the side of the body and allows you to connect it to the dishwasher.

10. The Discharge Outlet

The discharge outlet is where the drain attaches to the unit.