11 Essential Panel Saw Accessories

A panel saw is used to cut large sheets of material into parts. There are two varieties of panel saws: horizontal and vertical and they are available in three sizes: 5 foot, 7.5 foot and 10 foot. Verticals saws take up less space, but horizontal saws are more versatile. It is also possible to purchase a portable panel saw, which uses a tracking fixture that attaches to the saw, along with a special fence. Common uses for a panel saw are to cut plywood and other woods, plastic, aluminum and melamine. With the use of various accessories, panel saws can handle a wide range of jobs for both commercial use and the do-it-yourselfer. The three major manufacturers of panel saws are Milwaukee, Sawxtrax and Saw Systems. Note that on some brands the following parts are standard; on others they must be purchased separately.


This come standard on some saws, but on others that bolt to the wall it is optional. It is possible to buy a folding stand for use at a construction site and areas with size limitations.


If your stand does not come with wheels, they are a must to make your stand easy to move around.

Flip Stop

A flip stop is useful for making numerous cuts of the same length or width. It is placed at a stop point so that measurements don't have to be made each time. It saves valuable time, not to mention wear and tear on your body.

A quick stop gauging kit changes the position of the flip stop without the use of a wrench. This is useful for people who must make multiple cuts, but of frequently changing dimensions. 

    Midway Fence

    This accessory is similar to to flip stop but is meant for making for smaller cuts. It is designed so that the user doesn't have to bend down over and over to make cuts.

    Spring Down Hold Bar

    This is designed for use with thin, flexible material. It keeps it from moving during cutting.

    Extension Kit

    This creates a larger base over which the panel slides for cutting. An extension kit is useful for those who occasionally need the capabilities of a larger saw. For example, a 1.5 foot extension on each side of a 5 foot saw will give in the capability of an 8 foot saw. Each brand of saw has different extension size options.

    Router Plate

    A key for cutting materials with inconsistencies such as warps, bows or twists. It is a must have for cabinet and sign makers, but its high cost makes it overkill for those just doing projects around the house.

    Knife Cutter

    The knife cutter accessory is meant to cut thin materials. It uses a box cutter knife mechanically, freeing you from the potential mistakes of cutting freehand.

    Dual Rip Gauge

    This accessory makes horizontal measurements for cross cuts.

    Dust Collection Kit:

    This kit collects dust when attached to a vacuum or dust collection system.