11 Potential Electric Fence Wire Hazards

An electric fence wire can help keep wild animals away from your property, intruders from getting in and even your own pet from getting out. However, while an electric fence has it’s positives, there are a number of potential electric wire fence hazards to consider before installing.

Whether you install an electric fence yourself or hire a professional, be sure that you know all of the facts, advantages and disadvantages before doing so.

Here are 11 potential electric fence wire hazards that you might want to consider.

Number 1 Hazard: Shock

An electric fence can keep your own dog or cat from straying since it will be shocked or zapped if it gets too close to the fence. The overall result could affect your family pet emotionally and perhaps even physically for the long term.

Number 2 Hazard: Voltage

Depending on the voltage or current used in the fence, it can either be barely felt or it can be lethal if too high.

Number 3 Hazard: Wild Animals

An electric wire fence can keep wild animals like raccoons, and rodents or even coyotes out of your property, but again, they might also become injured or impaired because of the shock. They can also cut themselves and cause bodily injury and possible death.

Number 4 Hazard: Trespassers

An electric fence will most likely keep unwanted passerby, trespassers and even burglars or perpetrators from entering your property. However, the fence can also be tampered with if the person knows how to disarm it.

Number 5 Hazard: Weather

A power outage or the weather such as rain, snow or any moisture can possibly affect the electric from working correctly. If this is the case, a burglar, perpetrator or wild animal can easily enter the area if the power has been disengaged or damaged in some form.

Number 6 Hazard: Expense

If the electric fence is damaged in any way, shape or form, it could possibly be expensive to have it repaired depending on the extent of the damage.

Number 7 Hazard: Aesthetically Unappealing

From an aesthetic standpoint, an electric fence is usually not as appealing to look at as a wood fence or wrought iron. It could bring the value of the home down and some people do not believe in electric fences which could also be a bad selling point.

Number 8 Hazard: Children

An electric fence can be dangerous for children who either live at the home or who do not. Children tend to be adventurous and like to explore and could get shocked by the fence.

Number 9 Hazard: Interference

It is possible, depending on the grade, the voltage and the make of the electrical fence, all of these factors could interfere with phone lines, other telecommunications, and electrical currents within the vicinity.

Number 10 Hazard: More Parts

Some electric fences require many more components such as ground rods and insulators to name a few, which can ultimately drive up the cost of the installation of an electric fence.

Number 11 Hazard: Wet Grass

Be aware that any wet grass or form of wet landscape near or touching the electric fence may cause it to short out and possibly cause it permanent damage.